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DIY Potty Training Pull-Ups Cake How-To with Free Printable

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Having experienced the toddler years a few times now, I've learned a ton through trial and error. A TON. Especially when it comes to potty training. My one piece of sage advice? When it comes to toddlers, GO BIG or go home, friends. Toddlers tend to react well and catch on more quickly when you make a big deal out of big milestones. Potty training is indeed a BIG milestone moment, so make it a big deal! When you get ready to potty train, plan ahead and make sure to stock up on all of the essentials, like Huggies® Pull-Ups Training Pants.  Then, kick everything off with a potty party; complete with a DIY Potty Training Pull-Ups Cake and Potty Prizes!

Read on for my full tutorial on how to assemble a Potty Training Pull-Ups Cake, my list of top potty training essentials, and grab my free Potty Prizes printable.

Our 3 year old son is currently at the potty training stage. When I decided to start potty training him, I started by gathering my essentials. Always a saver, I was on the hunt for the best deals and I found a great one! Sam's Club is currently offering $45 in INSTANT savings on participating Huggies products (including Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants) when you sign up for a new membership. I joined online with just a few simple clicks. I simply added my new membership to the cart along with 3 participating Huggies products, and I received $45 in instant savings at check-out. Like I said, I've lived through the trial and error of this stage a few times now; winging it just doesn't cut it! 

When you're ready to start potty training, I would recommend starting with a game plan:
  1. Grab a potty seat that fits on your regular toilet (this way to don't have to add a stage of transitioning from the training potty to the big toilet). 
  2. A step stool is a must if you go with a potty seat that fits on the regular toilet. 
  3. Flushable wet wipes. It's just easier. Especially in the beginning stages of potty training.
  4. Foaming hand wash. It rinses more easily than regular hand soap and kids tend to have more fun with the foaming hand wash. Infusing some fun into the process is always a great motivator for enforcing good hand-washing habits. 
  5. Stock up on Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants (save BIG when you sign up for a new Sam's Club membership and grab $45 INSTANT savings on 3 participating Huggies products.) They're designed like underwear and easily pull up and down. They also offer up day/night protection for little ones who are still learning. This helps to avoid messes and meltdowns in those "oops" moments.
  6. Potty Prizes. Toddlers are generally easily motivated when there's a reward system in place. Fill up a little box or bucket with inexpensive little toys  and a few pieces of candy (or something else that your child enjoys) and start by letting them pick 1 item from their potty prizes each time they successfully use the potty. Over time you can scale the prizes back (for example 1 prize for each full day that they successfully use the potty) however in the beginning, it's great to reward them each and every time they use the potty, as a positive motivator / positive reinforcement.
Now that you have everything that you need, build a Potty Training Pull-Ups Cake with all of your potty training essentials and present it to your toddler at their very own "Potty Party!"  Like I said, toddlers like it when you make a big deal out of big milestones.  A potty party is the perfect way to kick-off and celebrate this BIG milestone in your toddlers life. Friends, the more excited they are about it, the harder they'll try! Trust me.

DIY Potty Training Pull-Ups Cake How-To

What you'll need:

For the DIY Potty Training Pull-Ups Cake
  • 80 Huggies Pull-Ups
  • 80 standard sized rubber bands
  • scissors
  • (1) 8" cardboard cake round 
  • (2) 4" cardboard cake rounds
  • double-sided tape
  • bakers twine or yarn
  • low-temp hot glue gun and 1 low-temp hot glue stick
  • 2 yards of ribbon 
  • foaming hand soap
  • a step stool
  • a toddler sized potty seat that fits standard size toilets
  • optional: clear cellophane wrap to easily transport / gift your DIY Potty Training Pull-Ups Cake.
For The Potty Prizes Box (or bucket)

How to:

For the DIY Potty Training Pull-Ups Cake
  1. Roll 80 Huggies Pull-Ups, securing each with a rubber band at the center  Make sure to roll the Huggies Pull-Ups from the top inward (towards the fold). Set to the side
  2. Working from the outer edge of your large cake round, place small pieces of double sided tape (with about 1" spacing in between each piece). Place one pre-rolled Huggies Pull-Ups vertically on each piece of double-sided tape. Continue until you have assembled the entire perimeter of your large diaper cake round. 
  3. Cut a 12" piece of yarn or twine and tie loosely around the circumference of your diaper cake, (directly in the middle - use the rubber bands on the diapers as your guide). This will give your Pull-Ups cake some added support as you fill in the center with Pull-Ups. 
  4. Continue to fill the center with Pull-Ups until its packed fairly tightly.
  5. Use a second 12" piece of twine to tightly secure your Pull-Ups cake (directly in the middle - using the rubber bands on the Pull-Ups as your guide, just as you did previously).
  6. Once tightly tied / secure, cut the original piece of loosely tied string/twine and discard it.
  7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 to complete the two 4" rounds, with the exception of adding the foaming hand soap to the center of one of the 4" rounds.
  8. Once all 3 of your rounds are assembled, complete them by wrapping each round in ribbon secure with a few dots of low-temp hot glue. Make sure that the glue only touches the ribbon where the ends meet, and NOT the Pull-Ups.
  9. Now, it's time to assemble the tiers of your Pull-Ups Potty Training Cake. Start by using your step-stool as a base. Add a few pieces of double sided tape to the top of the step stool. 
  10. Next, affix the large 8" round of Pull-Ups to the top of the step stool that you've primed with double sided tape. Press lightly to secure to bottom of the cardboard cake round to the double-sided tape. 
  11. Now, place the potty training seat on top of the large round of Pull-Ups that you've affixed to the step stool. 
  12. Add a few pieces of double-sided tape to the inside rim of the potty seat. Place  the 4" round of Pull-Ups (the round without the foaming hand soap topper) to the center of the potty training seat that you've already primed with double-sided tape. Press lightly to secure the bottom of the cardboard cake round to the double-sided tape. 
  13. Finish your Potty Training Pull-Ups cake by placing the second 4" round of Pull-Ups with foaming hand soap topper, to the top.
  14. Optional: wrap your cake with clear cellophane wrap for easy transport/gifting purposes.
For the Potty Prizes

  1. Print out my FREE potty prizes printable HERE, then cut it out.
  2. Affix to the front of a small box, bin or bucket using double sided tape.
  3. Fill your potty prizes box, bin or bucket with small inexpensive prizes/treats for your little one to choose from when they successfully use the potty.

I presented this fun DIY Potty Training Pull-Ups Cake to our son last weekend at his very own "Potty Party." It was greeted with much enthusiasm, and we all had a blast celebrating this BIG milestone for our little guy. This was the perfect way to kick-start the potty training process.

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I'm so glad that this DIY Potty Training Pull-Ups Cake was a hit, and that we're now well on our way to potty training success with our little guy. What are your tips & tricks for potty training? I'd love it if you'd share in a comment below, or tag me on Twitter @one_savvymom