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The Best Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas For National Random Acts of Kindness Day! #ShowLoveWithPampers

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pampers at Sam's Club. The opinions and text are all mine.

Friends, today I would like to talk about kindness. Did you know that National Random Act of Kindness Day is coming up? Well, it is! It's February 17th. If you are looking for the best random acts of kindness ideas, we have more than a few great ideas for you, below. I also want to share my own story with you today, about when I was recently on the receiving end of a random act of kindness.

This past summer, my oldest son was injured pretty badly at Taekwondo. My husband wound up taking him to the ER, while I tended to our other three kids and waited. After they had been at the hospital for a while and they were waiting for the results, my son asked if I could bring him something to eat. I loaded all of the kids into the car, and swung through the drive-through. While I was sitting in line my thought process wasn't positive, friends. I was still very upset by how my son had been injured. All I could think was "what is happening to people?" and "what is happening to our country / world?" When I reached the window, and I went to pay our $30+ balance, the woman simply handed me a receipt and my money back. I was admittedly confused. She then went on to explain that a man that had went through the drive-through a few cars ahead of me, had left enough money to cover the balance of the 10+ cars behind him. While I had heard of people doing this, I had never experienced it first-hand. After I retrieved our food at the next window, I pulled over for a moment because I was overcome with emotion. I know. Yes, I was overcome by fast food. Think about it though. This was something so simple. A random kind act from a total stranger. This person didn't know who would be on the receiving-end of his gesture. He wasn't looking for thanks. He wasn't in it for the praise. He just did it, without expectation, and kept on with his day. He surely didn't know that I was sitting in line behind him questioning all that was wrong with the world at that very moment. He didn't know that this small act of kindness would leave a very large impact on my heart, but it did. What are the odds?

This random act of kindness in a fast food drive-through (such an unlikely place!) has forever-changed the way that I think about certain things. It gave me a broader view and some much-needed perspective. I know, I know. I got all this from a spin through the drive-through? Really though, think about it. Aside from myself, every person going through that drive-through that day, had their own set of challenges that they were dealing with. Because folks, we're all dealing with something. Whether they're small mundane challenges or large mountainous problems. That's just life. So how much better would life be, if we all took the time and made small efforts each day, to be kinder to each other? It certainly couldn't hurt, right? It doesn't have to cost a ton either. Really! Spreading kindness doesn't have to cost a single penny.

February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. This is such a perfect day to start making a conscious effort to be kind to others. Think outside of your own box for a few minutes. Think outside of your own set of challenges, and make someone else's day a bit brighter.

Read on for some simple ideas and ways that you can help spread kindness in your community. Not just on this one day but, EVERYDAY!

Moms, Be Kind To Yourselves - Just Use Walmart's Grocery Pickup #GroceryHero + Grab Your $10 Off Coupon Code!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

Hi friends, how have you been? Moment of honesty? While I love a great picture, in reality, things aren't always picture-perfect and Instagram worthy. This is especially true if you're a parent. Because, seriously? Parenthood can be downright messy at times. It just can. It's apart of the job description!

Before I had kids, I'd hear a kid screaming at the top of their lungs in the store, and I'd throw side-eye in the direction of the parent, without giving it a second thought. Like, why can't you control your kid? Now that I am a mom? I've learned all too well, that sometimes, most of the time really, control is relative when it comes to kids. And sometimes friends, control is a mere illusion. Of course, we teach our tiny toddler {tyrants} that laying down in the middle of a grocery store aisle in general protest is wrong! Does it mean they won't do it? No. I assure you, it does not. These tiny humans have minds of their own, folks! And sometimes, despite our very best parenting efforts, they throw us a curve ball to keep us on our toes. It just is what it is.

With four kids, I've certainly experienced my fair share of moments where my kid was "that kid" over the years. Probably more times than I can count at this point. My all-time most mortifying public moment where my kid was "that kid?"  Hands-down ... when my oldest daughter was four. We took her to see Santa. Of course, she was dressed to impress; not a hair out of place. We stood in line and waited our turn. When the time came, she walked up to him with a big smile plastered on her face, both hands still firmly tucked into the pockets of her holiday trench coat. When she got to him, she started by refusing (albeit, politely) to sit in his lap. She shook her head at him and said, "no, thank you!" He went along with it and asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She responded gleefully with her list. He then asked her if she had been good all year. Her response, while still smiling? "No, not really." So, he asked her if she intended to try to be better. Still smiling, she said "maybe, I'll have to think about it!" Friends, she was still in that lovely stage of toddlerhood where she was painfully honest about E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Totally unfiltered.

DIY Squishies Necklaces + How To Make Your Own Squishy Toys!

Squishies! Did you know you can make your own DIY Squishies toys? We made these adorable DIY slow-rising Squishies necklaces last weekend, and I think they turned out super cute! Not bad for a first try at all!  

Friends, honestly, I didn't even really know what a Squishy toy was, until my tween recently introduced me to the trend. After her quick briefing on the hot new Squishies toy craze, I promptly responded with..."Oh! You mean a stress ball?!" Apparently, no. Just no. She gave me some serious side-eye on that one! That's what they used to call these types of toys back in the day? Oh' lord. I feel old! Anyway, after filling me in on Squishies, she promptly requested that we make our own DIY Squishies toys, and some DIY Squishies necklaces, and DIY Squishies key chains .... basically ALL things Squishies. My response? Ok. But, really? HOW?! After a bit of research (more like a quick Google) I set off to the store to grab the materials. And as it turns out, DIY Squishies are surprisingly easy to make. No, really! I promise. Super simple!

Grab the supply list, and check out our easy tutorial on how you can  make your own DIY Squishies Necklaces and Squishy Toys, below.

Meet Luciana Vega - The 2018 American Girl of The Year! + A Giveaway!

It's a new year, and with each new year comes the official release of American Girl's GOTY.  Meet the 2018 Girl of the year, Luciana Vega! Luciana was released with an out-of-this-world storyline that follows this 11 year old girl who has big dreams of not just being the first girl, but the first person, to land on Mars. 

American Girl worked closely with an all-star task force of advisors from NASA, to help ensure that an authentic and accurate storyline and product line, was brought to life for young girls.  From her story, to her products, to a STEM-based educational program in partnership with Scholastic and Space Camp, girls all over the country will absolutely adore exploring all that this character has to offer. 

Luciana's character was ultimately developed to positively demonstrate what it means to be a girl with strong character today. In this day-in-age girls are encouraged now more than ever, to think creatively, to collaborate with each other, and to continue to build their STEM literacy skills. Which in-turn, will swing the doors wide open for the next generation of female leaders to forge ahead, in the tech and science fields. We are love, love, LOVING, everything about the 2018 American girl of the year! What an important and positive message to impart to young girls!

Check out her extensive line of accessories and books, below. Plus, we're giving away (2!) 2018 American Girl of the Year Luciana Vega 18"Doll & Book Sets, below. Enter to WIN!

The New Boppy™ ComfyFit™ Baby Carrier Is A Total Game-Changer! #NeverNotAMom + A Giveaway!

Moms, this baby carrier is a total game-changer! The new Boppy™ ComfyFit™ Baby Carrier combines all of the things things that I loved about baby wraps (mainly the comfort and closeness with baby!) with all of the things that I loved about my more structured baby carrier (mainly the weight support / distribution as baby gets bigger, and the total ease of use.) This brand new carrier is a hybrid of sorts, that literally encompasses all of my loves of two different types of baby carriers, into one pretty fabulous carrier. My favorite part? You can use this one single baby carrier from birth until your child is bigger (8 lbs.- 35 lbs.) 

Moment of honesty? I didn't fall in love with baby-wearing right away. In fact, I didn't really warm to the idea until we welcomed our 3rd child, almost 4 years ago. Keep in mind I've been a mom for a while now (jeez, I'm totally dating myself here!) Thirteen years ago when my oldest son made me a mom, there weren't a ton of options out there. The carrier that I chose wasn't comfortable, and I gave up on baby-wearing fairly quick. Pretty much the same story, when my second child arrived. Fast forward a few years, to when we were anticipating baby number three, and baby-wearing was suddenly all-the-rage. There were a ton of carrier options available! So, I dove right into the baby-wearing game, and never looked back. Another moment of honesty though? While I loved, loved, LOVED baby wraps, there's definitely a fine-art to actually getting them on, folks. Don't get me wrong, wraps offered the most comfortable bonding experience with baby, but they weren't always practical. Because really, when you're trying to do a billion tasks (work, laundry, dishes, errands,etc.) and you still want to keep baby close while also having your hands-free .... you don't want to have to perform real-life magic to get into a carrier in the midst of it all, too. Am I right? #MOMGoals.  The Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier has solved all that though! They've packed all of my loves of baby wraps and all of my loves of more structured carriers, into one pretty amazing, totally comfortable, user-friendly baby carrier. 

Read on for more on the Boppy™ ComfyFit™ Baby Carrier. PLUS enter to WIN 1of 2 Boppy™ ComfyFit™ Baby Carriers!

10 Minute Hot Caprese Dip

Love Caprese salad? This 10 Minute Hot Caprese Dip, combines all of the flavors of Caprese salad into a perfectly lovely hot dip, and it comes together super quick, which is always my kinda' recipe!

Hi friends, how have you been? We're all still reeling from the flu here {I'm officially waving my white flag! It's B.A.D., folks!} BUT, we're still gearing up for the big game, and as always, I plan to bring my A-game with the food and snacks. This Hot Caprese Dip is currently at the top of my snack menu for our Superbowl party. If you're looking for a delicious hot dip to serve up on game-day, this 10 Minute Hot Caprese Dip is always a crowd-pleaser.  Serve it up alongside crackers or pita chips, and you're set!

Read on for my super simple 10 Minute Hot Caprese Dip recipe, below.

Sesame Street Live: Let's Party! Coming To The Theater at Madison Square Garden + Discount Code

This post is in partnership with The Theater at Madison Square Garden. All opinions expressed are my own.

Cabin fever has definitely set in around here, friends! Between the frigid cold temps that lingered here for weeks, and this flu that we just can't seem to shake, we've been spending way too much time inside these past few weeks. After all this time inside, we can't wait to get out and about to see Sesame Street Live: Let's Party in a few weeks, at The Theater at Madison Square Garden. Sesame Street Live, is always a great day out with the kids. There's nothing like seeing their little faces light up at the sight of their favorite furry Sesame Street characters, singing and dancing their way across the stage. Can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon with the family!

Ready to get your little one's out and about, too? Read on for more on Sesame Street Live: Let's Party! + grab our discount code for tickets to the show, below

Trolls: The Beat Goes On Playing NOW on Netflix! + Trolls Slime Jar Craft w/ Free Printable Valentine's Day Gift Tags

This post is in partnership with Dreamworks Animation. All opinions expressed are my own.

The first season of Trolls: The Beat Goes On, has officially landed on Netflix! Have you and your kids caught this newly released animated series? If you enjoyed the movie, you'll absolutely adore this new show from Dreamworks Animation! The kids and I have been having a blast watching the first season. The show basically picks up where the movie left off, with Poppy about to take her place as queen. All of the beloved characters from Troll Village are featured in the animated series, too.  From Branch, right down to Cloud Guy (and all of his hilarious antics!);  they're all back and ready to delight and entertain your family, with their colorful song-filled adventures!

In celebration of our new favorite kids show on Netflix, we decided  to make these cute non-candy Valentine's Day Trolls Slime Jars, with some super cute Free Printable Trolls themed Valentine's Day Gift Tags.

Read on, for our simple tutorial, and to grab your free printable Trolls Valentine's. Plus, catch the official trailer for Trolls: The Beat Goes On!