Allergen Free Halloween Candy Options For Kids With Food Allergies + The Halloween Candy Buy-Back Program and MORE!

Halloween is here. It's a beloved holiday for children nationwide. It means candy. Candy. And MORE CANDY! What kid wouldn't get all revved up for that? 

I'm going to be real with you though.  While I do allow my children to enjoy candy and sugary treats in moderation, I don't allow them to keep all of their Halloween treats. I'm not a monster. I promise! 

My reasons are simple. First, our daughter has Celiac's,

Tinkerbell And The Legend Of The NeverBeast - The Newest Film In The Disney Fairies Line-Up

Calling all Disney Fairies fans!

Get ready for the next Disney Fairies adventure! While we're admittedly excited to see a new addition to the Fairies film line-up, we are thrilled to report that "Once Upon A Time" actress Ginnifer Goodwin will be voicing "Fawn."
"Fawn is a character who loves all animals unconditionally," said director Steve Loter. "She will help any animal that needs her, but sometimes Fawn thinks too impulsively, when she should be thinking with her head, as well as her heart."
Loter added that there is a lot of Goodwin in the character as well.
"Fawn was inspired by my daughter and her unconditional love of animals," he said. "But Ginner had a very strong hand in crafting the character. Her sense of fun and her wondrous view of the world gave Fan direction. You can hear the smile in Ginnifer's voice - this is a character that loves life and lives it to its fullest.
Check out more images, the full synopsis, and take a peak at the introduction to Gruff in the video below:

Adapting To Life With Celiac Disease: Great Gluten Free Choices For Kids + Tips For Going Gluten Free On A Budget

One of the biggest issues that we have encountered as my daughter has been adapting to her new diet restrictions with Celiac Disease, has been finding replacements for some of her old favorites.  Mac & Cheese, chicken fingers, Oreo's (and all other baked goods for that matter), pizza etc... all of those "kid favorites" were suddenly off limits for her. Thankfully, we have scouted out some great gluten-free recipe hacks and ready-to-eat snacks(through a TON of trial and error) that she seems to enjoy just as much!

A House Full Of Superheroes

This year we have a bit of a theme going in our home for Halloween, which is a first for us. We have baby Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash in the house!

Fun Fall Bounty Paper Towel Tube Kids Crafts #TryThisAtLowes + $100 Lowes Gift Card Giveaway

I am going to be real here. My house isn't always spotless. I know. GASP!

Sometimes, the mess honestly makes my head spin! But most of the time, I'm OK with it. My kids are busy growing, learning and making memories. They are happy. So, it's all good. I just make sure to keep plenty of Bounty Basic paper towels and an arsenal of my favorite cleaning supplies from Lowes on hand, to clean it all up after they've been tucked into bed at night!

Once everything has been scrubbed clean and put away, I love to up-cycle/incorporate all of the empty paper towel tubes into fun craft projects for the kids. 

We  made a few fun messes recently while creating these {adorable} Fall  Paper Towel Tube Kids Crafts:

Inside Out : Get Ready To Meet The Little Voices Inside Your Head - Coming Soon From Disney Pixar

Pixar is making movie magic yet again, and we seriously can't wait!

Disney Pixar is putting a face to our emotions in a way that only they can. All of the feelings that we have each experienced (joy, fear, anger, disgust, and sadness) are being brought to life in character form, in Pixar's 15th feature length film; Inside Out. 

Check out the trailer and MORE on Inside Out below: