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13 of the Best Monthly Subscription Boxes For Kids

Monthly subscription boxes are all the rage these days! But which monthly subscription boxes are best for kids? With so many subscription box services available, it can be hard to pick the right one. Which monthly kids subscription box service holds the most value? Which service will your kids actually enjoy? 

Whether you want to gift a one time, one month subscription box to a kiddo this holiday season, or you're looking to gift them with an entire year of monthly surprises, these are 13 of the best subscription boxes for kids, to subscribe to and gift this holiday!

13 of the best monthly subscription boxes for kids:

Perfect Gluten Free Sugar Cookies Recipe

Sugar cookies are synonymous with the holiday season. Finding a great gluten free sugar cookie dough recipe can be hard though!

Today, I'm sharing my recipe for perfect gluten free sugar cookies. They're great for enjoying during the holiday season! This dough works well with cookie cutters too; perfect for making  holiday themed cookies / decorating with the kids.

Grab my recipe for perfect gluten free sugar cookies, below.

Count Along Cash Register by LeapFrog Teaches Early Math & Money Concepts Through Creative Play + SO MUCH MORE!

Friends, I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about all of the great new toys from LeapFrog; especially this Count Along Cash Register! But first, can I let you in on something? 

As a mother of two young children, and two older children, I've had a front row seat to the evolution of the toy industry over the past 13 years. Honestly? I started to feel a little jaded and saddened by it all. With kids becoming increasingly more interested in screens, I often found myself wondering what that would mean for the youngest generation. How would they develop the critical thinking skills, so desperately needed, yet not often taught these days? How would they develop crucial fine motor skills? How would they learn much of everything they need to know, if they were simply "swiping screens?" 

Now don't get me wrong, we love some of the learning tablets currently on the market. However, like everything else, they have their place. Children, especially very young children, require years of hands-on learning, through play. Tons and tons of it! It helps them to develop problem solving skills and good listening skills, which in-turn helps them to follow directions, which in-turn helps them to learn - and so on- and so-forth. Real life hands-on play is so incredibly necessary for children to develop normally; it's something that can't be achieved virtually. It just can't.

Read on for more on the Count Along Cash Register by LeapFrog.

One Savvy Mom's Top 2016 Holiday Gift Picks

Hi friends! 

It's that magical time of the year again! 

I've poured over a ton of products, and carefully selected the very best of the best.  There's literally something for everyone on your list. Without further adieu, I give you One Savvy Mom's TOP Holiday Gift Picks, for 2016. 

Read on for the full detailed list + direct links to where you can grab these amazing finds, online.

Our Long Story Short #WriteGift

This post is sponsored by CROSS. All opinions expressed are my own. 

My husband and I have been together for 17 years, this coming April.  We met in passing, by chance, at an intersection on a busy street.  I had just started college.  I went out to rent a movie one night, and I ran into a friend. My husband was standing alongside my friend, whom he was also friends with. My friend briefly introduced us, and I continued on my way. On my way back from the video store, I happened to run into him again. This time, he was on his own, and he was on his way to get something to eat.

Long story short; he asked me to come along. We ate dinner and we talked for hours. We've been together ever since. Who would've ever thought that a chance meeting would amount to 17 years together, 4 beautiful children, and a life that I wouldn't trade for anything - even on the hardest of days?  We were meant to be; our beautiful children were meant to be.

I'm so very grateful for that chance meeting, 17 years ago.

The Joy of Giving: 5 Ways to Give with the Whole Family

Each year, we are teased earlier and earlier of the impending holiday season.  Then suddenly, time flies, and, as if by magic, we find ourselves right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of it all. Creating a signature family tradition of giving is not only fun, but it can be calming and deeply fulfilling.

To begin, you can choose a theme for your giving tradition. My theme this year, for example, is “prizes in different sizes.” Having a theme helps to ignite imagination. Carve out some family time to brainstorm ideas, or adopt one or more of the ideas below, and find a way to make it your own.  By this time next year, you will be a pro. 

5 Ways to Give with the Whole Family:

Quick & Delicious Pizza Poppers Recipe

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Schreiber Foods, Inc. All opinions are entirely my own.

Hi friends, how have you been? Well, it's here! The holiday season is officially upon us. Are you ready?

I think it's safe to say that this is the busiest time of year for moms. We plan, shop, wrap, decorate, clean, cook ... the to-do list is seemingly never-ending, isn't it? But certainly well worth it, to see the priceless looks on our children's faces as they light up with sheer joy from it all. During this time of year, and all year-round really, you'll never catch this mom of 4 without one key staple on-hand at all times; string cheese. All of my children are fairly picky eaters - but they'll never turn down string cheese. It's one of their #1 go-to snacks. They eat them with lunch and as a snack in-between meals. I also pack them for long car rides, and when we're heading out to run errands. I even incorporate them into my recipes from time-to-time {as I've shared here}; they're great to cook with!

As a mom, I'm happy that they're making a healthy responsible snack choice, so I make sure to never run out. This past weekend, I made the kids a quick and delicious hot snack using string cheese and a few other simple ingredients; I call them Pizza Poppers. They take about 5 minutes to assemble for baking, and they're hot and ready in about 15 minutes. They're the perfect after school snack! They would also serve as a great appetizer for guests this holiday season.

Grab my quick and delicious recipe for Pizza Poppers below:

DIY Wood Slice Snowman Coasters - Fun Kids Craft Handmade Holiday Gift Idea

This is a sponsored post, written by me on behalf of Kwik Stix / The Pencil Grip, Inc.™. All opinions are 100% mine.

These DIY Wood Slice Snowman Coasters are such a fun kids craft to do with the kids this holiday, and they make great homemade / handmade holiday gifts too!

My kids love to craft gifts during the holiday season; especially my 9 year old daughter. Over the Thanksgiving break, she made these adorable DIY Wood Slice Snowman Coasters for her teacher. She plans to gift them to her with a special mug and hot cocoa mix. Aren't they super cute?!  She used Kwik Stix solid Tempera Paint Sticks too, so it was a fairly mess-free craft project.

Have you heard of Kwik Stix solid Tempera Paint Sticks? These paints are incredibly easy for kids to handle, require no paint brushes, water cups, or clean up, AND they dry in just 90 seconds! Simply pop the tops off, get creative, then pop the caps back on and store them until you're ready to create again. The Kwik Stix set of 24 comes with every color you can imagine! The set also includes a variety of neon colors and pretty metallic colors too - perfect for crafting up crafts and homemade gifts this holiday!

Check out our simple tutorial on how to make these fun DIY Wood Slice Snowman Coasters, below. 

Eggnog Dump Cake Recipe + Holiday Gift Idea For Baking Enthusiasts!

Do you love eggnog? If you're a fan of Holiday eggnog, you'll love this simple Eggnog Dump Cake recipe!

With the holiday season fully upon us, you're most likely on the hunt for delicious recipes to bake and serve at your holiday gatherings, and just because. We had some extra eggnog on-hand from Thanksgiving, so we decided to make Eggnog Dump Cake "from scratch" - from Jennifer Lee's new cook book, Dump Cakes From Scratch: Nearly 100 recipes to Dump, Bake, and Devour. Our Eggnog Dump Cake "from scratch," turned out picture perfect [pictured above and below]. We all love eggnog in our home, so I'm sure that this easy recipe will be requested again over the next few weeks.

Grab the recipe for  Eggnog Dump Cake "from scratch," below.

Simple & Delicious Thai Pork Meatballs and Noodles Recipe + Great Holiday Gift Idea

This Thai Pork Meatballs and Noodles recipe is so good, and it's so easy to make!

We recently had the chance to check out the HelloFresh subscription service, and it was pretty amazing. Basically, the cooler box was shipped with all of the fresh ingredients needed to make 3 new recipes, that were laid out clearly on the included recipe cards.

We started the week out with this simple and delicious Thai Pork Meatballs and Noodles dish, and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to make. It took about 35 minutes total from prep to completion, which is totally doable for me, even on a busy day.

Grab the recipe and find out more about the Hello Fresh subscription service, below. This would make a great gift idea for just about everyone on your list, this holiday season!

Melody the Musical Turtle™ From LeapFrog - The Perfect Present For Preschoolers This Holiday!

Looking for the perfect present for preschoolers, this holiday season? Your search is over! Melody the Musical Turtle™ from LeapFrog is one of my top picks for tots this year. LeapFrog has managed to pack a ton of fun and learning into a fairly compact toy - great for playing at home or on-the-go!

Little ones can either play solo or invite a friend/parent to play along, with the on-board 1 / 2 player option. As most parents know, toddlers can have very short attention spans. However, Melody easily captures the attention of our 2 year old, and keeps him engaged for 15-20 minutes at a time; which is pretty remarkable for this age category! He loves to follow along to the audio and light prompts, to make music and play the simple memory games.

Simple & Delicious Pumpkin Pie Crescents + Crescent Ring Recipes

Looking for the very best pumpkin pie recipe, that's just as easy to put together as it is delicious? This pumpkin pie crescents {and crescent ring } recipe is it! These recipes combine all of the lovely flavors of pumpkin pie, in two easy-to-put-together 15-20 minute recipes.

My favorite part {aside from the fact that it only takes 15-20 minutes to assemble and bake these}? Both recipes only requires 4 very simple ingredients! Serve these pumpkin pie crescents {or crescent ring} alongside a hot cup of coffee at your next holiday gathering, or as a great "anytime" seasonal treat.

Grab my recipe for Simple & Delicious Pumpkin Pie Crescents + Crescent Ring, below.

Our Angel #25Days25Ways

This post is brought to you by Create the Good. The content and opinions expressed below are that of One Savvy Mom TM.

These four.  I don't know what I would do without them, friends. They're my world.

As I sat down to write this, I had to get up and walk away from the keyboard a few times. Every time I began to type, the tears came quicker than the words. You see,  I never thought that I'd find myself in this situation again, with another one of my children.

For those of you who may be new here, I'll start at the beginning.

Moms Cold + Flu Season Must Haves

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of TempTraq. All opinions are 100% mine.

Moms, it's here. Whether we're ready or not, cold and flu season has arrived. Along with the cool crisp temperatures, Fall also ushers in the dreaded season of germ sharing. Don't get caught off-guard with a house full of sick kids, without the essentials on hand. Just don't!

We were the first family in our pediatricians' office to receive flu shots this season. I thought we were safe. I gave myself a mental high-five for being so proactive!  Boy, was I being naive. Friends, we're barely ankle deep into Fall, and my kids have already been there and done that! A few weeks ago, it started with my toddler, and before I knew it, my entire crew had it. The shot doesn't protect from all strains of flu - and my kids managed to pick up one of those unprotected strains. Long story short - it was bad. B A D!

I won't lie, there's nothing that stifles the craziness that occurs when you're simultaneously tending to four sick kids. But  having a few key essentials at-the-ready, certainly makes tackling this Herculean task, a bit easier.

Read on for a full list of cold + flu season essentials every mom should have on-hand.  If you have multiple children that you are tending to {or even just one}, there's one thing in particular, that you don't want to be without this season! 

Gluten-Free Samoa Pretzel Bites Recipe - A Delicious Twist On A Girl Scout Cookie Favorite!

Looking for an amazing Gluten-Free Samoa Cookie Recipe? Our gluten-free Samoa Pretzel Bites recipe combines all of the flavors of this Girl Scout Cookie favorite, into one amazingly delicious {gluten-free} sweet treat!

One of the things that my daughter has missed most since going gluten-free, is Girl Scout Cookies. We've found ways to replicate many of her other fave baked treats with gluten free ingredients, but replicating Girl Scout cookie favorites, such as Samoa's, has proven to be a bit trickier.  Until NOW!

This past weekend I concocted this recipe for Gluten-Free Samoa Pretzel Bites - they're a delicious gluten-free twist on one of our Girl Scout Cookie favorites. They were a BIG hit with everyone in our house too, not just with my daughter! My recipe below makes about 42 gluten-free Samoa Pretzel bites, for about $8 total.

They're perfect for enjoying as a special treat AND they're perfect for gifting too! Add them to a pretty tin with a bow, and gift them to friends and family this holiday season!

Grab my full recipe for Gluten-Free Samoa Pretzel Bites, below!