Baby's First Foods - Feeding Essentials For 4 -12 Months

Our little guy turned 5 month's old last weekend. Wait. How can that be? Time is moving at warp speed you guys! It's just unbelievable to me how quickly they grow. He is so laid back and happy, so it was no surprise that after rolling his first spoonful of cereal around in his mouth for a minute - his face quickly lit up with a big smile!

We started with organic brown rice cereal and now, we are exploring veggies. It's the perfect time of year too! The fresh organic produce is plentiful at our local farmers market and we have been taking full advantage. Our little guy's favorite so far? Carrots - he can't get enough of them!

Our top Baby Feeding Essentials picks for 4-12 months are:

Kids Craft Tutorial: How To Make Popsicle Stick Bangle Bracelets

We have been crafting up a storm this week!  I remember making these cute Popsicle stick bangle bracelets at camp when I was a kid, so it was super fun to show my daughter how to make them! 

What you need/how to:

Newborn Essentials Guide Prize Pack Giveaway [RV $600!]

Wow! I can't even believe how much time has been flying by these past few months! Our little guy will be 5 months old in just 10 days. CRAZY! We have really been pausing to savor his big milestone moments and all of those sweet little moments in between, this time around. I know all too well how fast this stage whizzes by!

If you haven't had a chance to check out our Nursing Essentials Guide, our Newborn Essentials Guide: "Must-Have" Gear - For The First 3 Month's, or our Newborn Essentials: An On-The-Go Guide For Active Families be sure to check them out! Each guide is packed with must-have essentials that help to make those first few precious months with baby, sail by smoothly.

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62 Restaurants Where Kids Eat FREE

While heading out to eat with smaller children in tow can definitely present it's challenges, these 62 family friendly restaurants across the nation help to make it worth your while -with specially designated "kids eat free" days, every week!

So, if your heading out to eat with the kiddo's be sure to scout out one of these 62 restaurants where kids eat FREE, in your neck of the woods!

Fairy Garden In A Jar Terrarium Kids Craft Tutorial

There really isn't anything sweeter than lazy Summer days with my kiddo's. We have been spending most of our time over the last two weeks outdoors in the sunshine playing, and at the pool. My older two children are also steadily making their way through their Summer reading lists, and the Disney "The Never Girls" book series has totally captivated the attention of my 7 year old daughter. The story-line follows 4 girls as they adventure into the world of the Disney Fairies.  This is definitely a series to check out if your daughter's are into fairies and are currently reading at a chapter book reading level. 

As The Never Girls books have reignited my daughter's love of everything Fairy related, I decided to do a fun little craft with her yesterday. She made this super-cute Fairy Garden in a Jar, using a Ball Mason Jar, a live succulent plant and a few other simple supplies. This is such a cute little terrarium and needs very little maintenance. Simply add a small amount of water with a dropper every few weeks, place the lid on the jar and keep it in a fairly sunny spot. 

What you'll need to make a Fairy Garden in a Jar: