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Yarn Wrapped Bunny Napkin Rings - Super Easy Kids Craft For Easter!

These yarn wrapped bunny napkin rings are a super easy kids craft for Easter, and oh so CUTE! Our completed yarn wrapped bunny napkin rings are all ready to add the perfect touch of adorable to our table this Easter! My favorite part? They only require a super simple list of supplies, some up-cycled paper towel tubes (cut down,) and about 10-15 minutes of time (per bunny napkin ring.)

My toddler is loving yarn at the moment. She loves yarn wrapping crafts in particular, but she also loves cutting and gluing yarn to just about anything and everything, so it's been like yarn palooza up in here, friends! Toddlers are so much fun; especially when they discover a real passion for something new. They totally run with it!

Ready to make your own yarn wrapped bunny napkin rings with your little one for the upcoming Easter holiday? Read on for the simple supply list and step-by-step tutorial.

Reusable Felt + Fabric DIY Easter Basket Grass Alternative #ILikeSchleich + A Fun Contest!

This post is sponsored by Schleich®. All opinions expressed are my own.

With Easter just weeks away, it's time to start thinking about Easter basket treats for the kids! This reusable felt and fabric DIY Easter basket grass alternative is so incredibly easy to put together. When complete, it sets a super cute stage for one of my favorite non-candy Easter basket treats for kids too; Schleich ® Farm World figures and play sets! While I absolutely adore the entire collection, the Rabbit Hutch play set, Shiba Inu Mother and PuppyRabbitRooster and Lamb figures are great for gifting this Easter holiday.

Moment of honesty? Friends, I've forgotten the lovely shredded Easter basket grass the past few years in a row now. At the eleventh hour, I've simply wound up using whatever I've had on-hand to add a bit fluff to the bottom of the Easter baskets. Year after year! Not this year though. I decided to prep a little early for the upcoming Easter holiday by making a super cute reusable alternative to Easter basket grass, with a handful of supplies that I already had on-hand. My favorite part? Look how super cute the Schleich figures and Schleich Rabbit hutch play set looks presented atop this reusable Easter basket grass insert! Just adorable. The Rabbit Hutch play set is so perfect for Easter. It comes with the the rabbit hutch, a faux log tunnel, rabbit figures, a fence and the cutest accessories for endless hours of imaginative play and learning fun. 

Ready to make your own reusable felt + fabric DIY Easter Basket grass alternative? Grab the full supply list and step-by-step instructions below.

Lucky Rainbow Fairy Wands for St. Patrick's Day!

Next up, St. Partick's Day! These St. Patrick's Day lucky rainbow wands are simply adorable, aren't they?! They're also a super easy craft to make with kids, with the help of gradient rainbow yarn. Whether you're heading to a St. Patrick's Day parade with the kids this year or you're celebrating this Irish holiday at home, the kids will absolutely adore making these shamrock topped St. Patrick's Day lucky rainbow fairy wands. They are just so colorful and FUN!

Ready to make your own St. Patrick's Day lucky rainbow fairy wands with the kids? Read on for the full supply list and step-by-step instructions.

Easy DIY Gradient Rainbow Yarn Hoop Wall Art

This gradient yarn rainbow embroidery hoop wall art is so easy to make, and SO incredibly cute! If you're on the hunt for some super easy DIY Rainbow room décor for a nursery, a toddler's room, a kid's room, a tween's room, or even a playroom, this is definitely it. It's a colorful burst of rainbow happiness that will brighten up just about any space that it's added to, friends!

I used a big 12" embroidery hoop to make the pictured rainbow hoop wall art.  You could easily make a smaller version with a mini embroidery hoop though,  or a larger version with a bigger embroidery hoop OR you could even use a hula-hoop to make a giant version of this rainbow hoop wall art! Whatever size fits your particular space.

Ready to make your own DIY gradient yarn rainbow hoop wall art? Read on for the full supply list and easy step-by-step instructions.

Irish Potato Candy

Have you ever tried Irish Potato Candy? It's SO good! It's also super simple to make, so it's the perfect St. Patrick's Day recipe to make with the kids. As an added bonus, Irish Potato Candy is also gluten-free. 

Did you know that Irish Potato candy is a bit of an Irish- American tradition? These small no-bake hand-rolled sweet candies are made to resemble potatoes and are comprised of a simple list of ingredients [not including actual potatoes!] After you mix your ingredients together, you simple roll them, dip them in cinnamon mixture, refrigerate and serve! Like I said, super simple!  

Grab the simple ingredient list and recipe for the BEST Irish Potato Candy recipe, below.