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Rudolph Mini Canvas Ornament - Super Simple Kids Christmas Keepsake Craft Tutorial

This Rudolph mini canvas Christmas tree ornament is such a super simple kids craft, and it makes an absolutely adorable keepsake!

Hi friends, how have you been? I broke my own rule this past weekend, and I put everything up for Christmas early (I know, GASP!) We are going to be busy next weekend, and I wanted to be able to enjoy the season with my kids (without stressing about all of the décor, shopping etc.) so, up it all went! {{I may or may not be happy dancing to Christmas tunes over here this morning, folks!}} While I was decorating, it got me to thinking about all of the holiday traditions that we've created with our kids over the years.  One of our favorite holiday traditions is making Christmas ornaments. Each year I usually make a handful of special ornaments with my kids. They make great keepsakes, and I love looking back at all of the fun memories that we've crafted over the years when we pull out all of the decorations each year. This year, I made these fun Rudolph mini canvas ornaments with our younger children, and they turned out oh so CUTE! All you need is a mini wrapped canvas and a handful of simple supplies (most of which you may already have on hand!) These are perfect for creating with your children or grand kids, and they would also make a great make-and-take craft for kids at your upcoming holiday gatherings! What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?

Ready to make your own Rudolph Mini Canvas ornament with your little one? Read on for the full supply list and our easy step-by-step tutorial.

Double Hoop Embroidered Christmas Wreath

This double hoop embroidered Christmas wreath was so fun to make, and so super simple! Perfect Christmas embroidery project for even the beginner!

Hi friends, how have you been? This double hoop embroidered Christmas wreath idea had been swirling around in my brain as an idea since last Christmas, and I'm so excited to have just finished the first of three of these, so that I can share the idea with you! The double embroidery hoop is a great way to make embroidered wreaths (for any season) and they are so easy to assemble using two different size hoops. For this double hoop embroidered Christmas wreath I used one 16" hoop (outer hoop) and one 6" hoop (inner hoop.) and a handful of other simple supplies. All in, it costs under $5 to make, and it only took about 3 hours total to stitch from start to finish. I finished it off on the back with green felt, and now it's all ready to be gifted! I'm on to my second double hoop embroidered Christmas wreath however, this time I decided to use a white linen background. For the third and final one (of this season) I plan on using a printed fabric that looks like burlap. This "pattern"/concept can definitely  be used on a variety of textured fabric / with different color base fabrics (not just the pictured green.)

Ready to make your own Double Hoop Embroidered Christmas Wreath? Read on for the full supply list and instructions.

K Cup Snowman $2 Holiday Gift Idea - K Cups + Gloves + Mug!

This K Cup Snowman is the perfect holiday gift idea! My favorite part, aside from the fact they are adorable? These K Cup Snowman holiday gifts come together for just $2 each! We have a long list of people on our list this year ranging from teachers to crossing guards, to co-workers, to neighbors and MORE! While I want to show our appreciation and spread some holiday cheer to each and everyone on our list, I also want to make sure to stay on-budget this holiday season!

Hi friends, how have you been? We are all busy gearing up for the holiday season around here! This year, I made a goal to complete our holiday gift purchases and complete our holiday gift DIY's/homemade gifts, in large part, prior to the holiday season. Why? So I can spend as much uninterrupted time with my kids as possible. They are all growing so quickly!  If you're looking to spread some holiday cheer this season too, without breaking the bank, this K Cup Snowman $2 Gift idea is PERFECT! All you need is hot chocolate K Cups (or coffee K Cups if you prefer,) gloves, a mug and  a short list of additional simple supplies. 

Ready to make your own K-Cup Snowman holiday gifts? Read on for the full supply list and our full (easy) tutorial!

Mini Canvas Snowman Ornament - A Quick & Simple {Super Cute!} Christmas Kids Craft Tutorial

This mini canvas snowman ornament is the perfect Christmas craft to do with the kids this holiday season! They're super simple to make, they're great keepsakes and they're fun homemade handmade gifts too.

Friends, if you've been around for the past 10 years (almost 11 now...!) you know how much we love mini canvas kids crafts around here! Our kids have all loved crafting fun treasures over the years using mini canvases and other simple finds from our craft stash. A few years back we made adorable mini canvas snowman ornaments using mittens (which were crafted to look like little snow hats!) and a mini canvas - you can find those HERE. This year we decided to make similar ornaments - snowman mini canvas ornaments with earmuffs - using colorful yarn pom-poms a mini canvas and a handful of other simple supplies. These turned out just precious, don't you think?! They are so simple to make too! We will be adding a DIY mini canvas ornament to the tops of each of our packages/gifts for friends and family this holiday season. They are the perfect (super cute) way to pretty up a package wrapped in simple brown (recyclable!)) craft paper!

Grab the full supply list and our full tutorial, with step-by-step imagery, below.

10 Minute Hot Crab Dip + Grab Your $1 Off Cole’s MIDDLES™ Printable Coupon {Available NOW At Walmart!}

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cole’s MIDDLES™. All opinions are 100% mine.

This 10 minute Hot Crab Dip is AMAZING, and it pairs perfectly with Cole's MIDDES™  Bread Five Cheese bites. So delicious, and simple! This Hot Crab Dip and Cole's MIDDLES, make a great fuss-free appetizer to serve to guests during the holiday season. It's also a great make-and-take recipe, for toting to all of your upcoming holiday gatherings.

Friends, not even gonna' lie. The past few days have been a bit crazy around here. The holiday whirl has definitely begun! As a busy mom (4 kids keep me super occupied, for sure!) I don't have a ton of excess time on my hands, and the busyness of the holiday season only tends to add to our already hectic schedule. In all of the busyness though, I want to pause and soak in some of the holiday magic with the kids this Christmas. So, in an effort to free up some time,  I grabbed my recipe book and earmarked a few of my favorite fast and delicious holiday recipes, to ensure that I don't spend the entire month sequestered in the kitchen! One of my top 5 favorite family recipes, is this 10 minute hot crab dip. My mom used to make this when I was young; totally timeless and always a crowd pleaser!

Looking to grab a few extra special moments with your family this holiday season, too? Grab my easy recipe for 10 Minute Hot Crab Dip and print your $1 off Cole's MIDDLES coupon, below.

DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Angels

These DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Angels are made from a 3 piece funnel set, and other simple supplies from Dollar Tree! Total cost rang in at about $6 each, to make. The pictured DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Angel stands at about 18" tall, and is perfect for displaying during the Christmas season (or even adding to the top of your Christmas tree!)

Hi friends, how was your week? We are super busy these days, but in the very best ways! These DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Angels, were our project of the day, yesterday. By stacking the funnels, and using them as a form/ base, it gives the illusion that the Angel is wearing a 3-tiered dress. My oldest daughter helped me assemble several of these, in about an hour and a half. I prepped everything by cutting down all of the ribbon into 5" strips, bundled the raffia to create Angel wings, and cut down all of the felt to create the face/hair. Then she helped me assemble them, using low temp hot glue. I was originally planning on leaving the faces without features - but my daughter had the idea of stitching on closed eyes / a mouth on each Angel, before gluing the felt down. I absolutely LOVE how they turned out, and I'm so glad that she suggested this super simple add-on. If you made our Dollar Tree Funnel Set Christmas Trees last year, these are just as easy to assemble! These make great handmade holiday décor and they'd also make a great gift!

Read on for the simple supply list and our easy tutorial to make your own DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Angels, this holiday season!