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How To Make Mixed Berry Tea Sorbet + A Dairy Free Sorbet Float That The Entire Family Will LOVE!

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Have you ever tried sorbet? I love this dairy-free cool dessert option for my family. It's a lower calorie / low-sugar option that my entire family can enjoy on a hot summer day.

While you can find it in most freezer sections at the grocery store, I love to make it at home and play around with the flavor combinations. Last weekend I made mixed berry tea sorbet, and it was a hit with the entire family.

I incorporated my homemade mixed berry tea sorbet in my own fun refreshing take on a soda float;  a dairy-free Sorbet Float. It was the perfect cool treat to enjoy in the backyard as the sun went down.

Want to know how you can make homemade sorbet too? Read on for the simple how-to + my recipe for mixed berry tea sorbet and dairy-free sorbet floats.

Should You Rent Or Purchaase Your Next Home?

It used to be that purchasing a home was the pinnacle of life’s achievements, but these days, cultural changes and personal needs have made renting more enticing to many. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before signing your name on a lease or making a down payment on a home, and these should get you on your way to a more comprehensive understanding of the best decision for you and your family.

How To Make A Safe DIY Dog Collar Bandana + Prize Pack Giveaway #DreamDogPark

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Beneful. All opinions are 100% mine.

I can still remember the day that our dog joined the family, like it was yesterday. It's been 5 years since that day and she has truly become a member of the family.

Bella is a bichon toy poodle mix, and she's probably the most strong-willed determined little ball of fluff you'll ever come across. She fits in perfectly around here!

While I knew that having a pet would be a wonderful opportunity for our family, I've really started to see how beneficial it has been for the kids. Especially as my older children grow and take on more of the responsibility for her care.

While we walk Bella several times a day throughout our neighborhood, we've also been heading out to our local dog park once a week so she can socialize with other animals. It's a wonderful thing to see her playfully interacting with other dogs. She plays and gets some energy out, and we get some much needed exercise too. We've definitely noticed a big change in her demeanor since we started taking her for weekly visits.  Overall, she seems happier after making a few new furry friends, and she always enjoys refueling after a fun day out with Beneful IncrediBites.

The kids love to make sure that she's brushed well and looking her best when we head to the local dog park.  We even made her a few {safe} DIY Dog Collar Bandana's in different colors, to add to her cuteness. I say "safe" because simply tying a bandana around a dogs neck can present a safety hazard. They can get caught on something and it can become dangerous for your pet. The DIY Dog Collar Bandanas that we made simply slide onto your dog's existing collar securely.

Read on for our simply tutorial on how to make a safe DIY Dog Collar Bandana for your pup ( it only costs $1 to make 4!} + Enter a fun giveaway from Beneful.

Fun Ideas To Play, Explore, And Do MORE Outdoors As A Family This Summer #Powerof50

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Hi there friends, I hope you're all enjoying the summer break! I feel like we've been in constant motion since school let out and I'm loving every second of it.
In all honesty, I was a little concerned with how much I would be able to do this summer, as I near the end of my pregnancy. But so far, despite experiencing a few health challenges, I haven't missed a beat. I've been present for all for all of the fun and smiles, and I'm so very grateful for that.

Summer fun for our family usually includes a ton of water and lots of quality time spent outside. This season, we've spent far more time outdoors than we have in past years.

Usually, when the summer heat kicks into high gear, we  retreat indoors to enjoy the air conditioning. This year, we've found alternatives to running inside when it gets hot. Of course, we spend plenty of time at the pool. And when it's really hot, we head out earlier in the day and later in the afternoon, to explore and play during the cooler points in the day.

These are some of the ways that we've managed to spend most of our time outdoors this summer:

S'mores Trifle Desserts - Super SImple Summer Recipe

Our plans are all set for the long weekend. Tomorrow, we're headed to a resort with the kids for a quick getaway and some fun in the sun.  I thought I'd kick off the weekend with a family movie night tonight in the backyard. What's a family movie night without snacks? This weekend I'm serving up plenty of popcorn and a fun twist on a summer favorite; S'mores Trifle Desserts.

These S'mores Trifles were super simple to put together - and they're easy on the sugar too thanks to a few sneaky substitutes. I even managed to track down a box of gluten free graham crackers for our daughter at the local health food store {which taste absolutely the same as regular graham crackers - just in case you're wondering}. I did a little taste test while I was making them and they are absolutely delicious. All of the flavors of S'mores come together to make this one delectable dessert trifle!

Grab the simple recipe for my S'mores trifle desserts, below.

DIY Patriotic Yarn & Button Flag Wreath Tutorial

Hi there, friends! I hope you all had a great weekend! We spent most of the weekend at the pool with the kids. Being 8 months pregnant has certainly placed a limitation on the activities that I can partake in; especially in the heat! So, when we weren't at the pool, I occupied the kids with some simple craft projects {like this fun patriotic yarn and button flag wreath }and with an outdoor movie night in the backyard after the sun went down {quick side note -Kung Fu Panda 3 was great - a definite must-see for your next family movie night!}

This cute DIY Patriotic Yarn and Button Flag Wreath was incredibly easy to assemble with the kids - and it's a mess free project too {no glue required} - which I always love.  It's the perfect DIY décor to add to your front door (or somewhere around the house) for the upcoming 4th of July holiday!

In total, the supplies for this wreath rang in at just under $10, and it took about an hour to -  complete. Grab the supply list and our simple instructions to assemble your own DIY Patriotic Yarn & Button Flag Wreath, below.

Catch The Third Season Of Annedroids On June 24th + How To Assemble DIY STEM / STEAM Tinker Trays For Kids

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Who's excited for the 3rd season of the Emmy Nominated series Annedroids to debut on Amazon Prime? I know we are!  This is the first series that I've caught to date that seamlessly incorporates STEM curriculum and concepts into the storyline - in a fun relatable way for kids. I had the pleasure of previewing a few of the episodes from the upcoming season with my daughter, and I'm absolutely loving the strong female role model that they've created in the shows lead character, Anne. She approaches every new challenge with optimism, and through some trial and error, she finds a solution. Her "anything is possible" approach is a refreshing change of pace in comparison to other viewing options available for this age bracket.

Read on for more on the 3rd season of Annedroids + check out our simple tutorial below on how to assemble budget friendly STEM/STEAM tinker trays for kids.

Simple & Delicious Cannoli Dip Recipe

Cannoli's are a dessert favorite in our home. We don't have them often, so when we do it's definitely a special treat! I've made Cannoli's a few times in recent years from scratch, and this past weekend I tried my hand at a simple twist on this family favorite; Cannoli Dip. This recipe for Cannoli Dip incorporates all of the flavors of a traditional Cannoli, into an easy to prepare dip. I served it with anise Pizzelle cookies, and it was absolutely delicious - definitely a crowd pleaser!
Grab my simple and delicious recipe for Cannoli Dip, below.

Embracing Imperfection + Simple Mom Hack For The Beach & Pool

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This word doesn't even cross my mind when I think of parenting and motherhood. And I hope, for the sake of your sanity, you've omitted it from your parenting vocabulary too!
Before I had children, I may have briefly lusted after the notion of perfection. But motherhood quickly brought that runaway train to an abrupt {screeching} halt! Can I tell you a little secret though? Attempting the impossible gets old. Embracing imperfection is far more fun and attainable. And I'm all about setting attainable goals for myself!