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Classic Irish Soda Bread - Simple Recipe Perfect For St. Patrick's Day

This classic Irish Soda Bread recipe is super simple to make, and perfect for serving on St. Patrick's day {or any day really.} It pairs well with homemade soups and stews, or even served simply - with with a few pads of butter and your favorite hot beverage. We made our Classic Irish Soda Bread, gluten-free however, you can easily use the substitution below, if you don't have a gluten allergy in your home.

Hi friends, how have you been? It seems like I've been spending a ton of time in the kitchen lately. Our twelve year old son is definitely growing, and he's eating everything in sight these days! Because we have a variety of allergies to cater to in our home, I try to make most of our food from scratch - including the majority of our breads/baked goods. This Classic Irish Soda Bread recipe is a current favorite in our home, so I've been making it at least two times a week lately; it's not just a St. Patrick's Day tradition around here!

Grab my recipe for classic Irish Soda Bread, below.

Check Out Ruby Tuesday's New Endless Garden Bar with Over 55 Delicious Ingredients To Choose From! + Print Your Coupon For A Free Kids Meal*

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ruby Tuesday. All opinions are 100% mine.

When my husband and I were younger, and we moved away for him to take a job just after college, it was a big adjustment for us. We went from having a ton of friends and family in close proximity, to being thousands of miles away from everyone and everything we knew. When it came time to celebrate our oldest son's 1st birthday, we headed to one of our favorite restaurants from home, Ruby Tuesday.  We were so grateful to find that a restaurant that we both enjoyed from home, was also located just down the street from our new home. They have a pretty fabulous menu, and their Garden Bar, is amazing. It's stocked  (and constantly restocked) with over 55 ingredients that the entire family will enjoy!

We had a great time visiting last weekend with the kids, to check out their new Garden Bar options. I had to pause a minute when thinking back to my oldest son's first birthday; our family has grown quite a bit since then! It's such a sweet memory, and I loved making some new memories with all of our children, at one of our absolute favorite family restaurants. 

Read on to  Find out More about Ruby Tuesday’s All New Endless Garden Bar, and enter to win a gift card to experience it for yourself.

DIY Beauty and The Beast Rose Mason Jar Night Light Kids Craft Tutorial

My daughter and I can't wait for the March release of Disney's Beauty and the Beast! We are big fans Emma Watson from her Harry Potter days, and we are so excited to see her take up the role of Belle. In celebration of the new Beauty and the Beast movie, we made this DIY Beauty and the Beast Rose Mason Jar Night Light this past weekend. It's a super simple kids craft, and it's such a pretty little luminary - perfect for a bed side table!

Read on for the simple supply list and easy tutorial to make your own DIY Beauty and the Beast Rose Mason Jar Night Light.

Spring Cleaning Made Simple: Big Family? Learn How To Clear The Clutter Quick

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Glad. All opinions are 100% mine.

As soon as the new year hit I got an itch to start clearing out the clutter. I know spring isn't quiet here yet, but with four kids in the house, the clutter started closing in on me. Seriously, it was definitely time to reign in the chaos a bit!

Friends, s a seasoned mom of 12+ years now, I've mastered the art of clearing out the clutter, QUICK. I don't have a ton of excess time on my hands, so quick and efficient is always the name of the game around here.

Ready to tidy up, but don't have a ton of time on your hands? Check out my simple spring cleaning tips for clearing out the clutter quick, below.

The Best Eco Friendly Cleaning Products For Families & Pet Owners

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Green Works. All opinions are 100% mine.

So many things changed when I became a mom. Some changes were small, and some were monumental. Among the whirlwind of changes that occurred when I had children, was the way that I view all of the products that we use in our home. While I'm pretty particular about all of the products that we use, I'm super particular about the cleaning products that we use on high-traffic surfaces. These are the surfaces that the kids and our small dog come into constant contact with every day, which is why I use Green Works.

As a mom, there's a piece of mind that comes from knowing that the table that my toddler may randomly lick {don't ask, toddlers are equal parts funny/weird sometimes!} isn't laden with chemical residue from cleaning products. It's equally just as satisfying knowing that in the busyness of my day, I can confidently set down a handful of cheese crackers for my toddler on the kitchen table, without being suspicious of what may have been left behind by my cleaning spray. It's a good feeling, to not have to constantly second guess the safety of the surfaces in my home. I find so much joy and peace in the little things these days, friends.

Some things are best learned from experience in motherhood, and others are just nice to know up front. Personally I'm all ears when it comes to tips from moms who have gone before me. Like, how do you effectively clean sippy cups {and all of those pesky hard to clean parts/valves} without leaving behind the fragrance of strong dish soap, or possibly even harmful soap residue? The porous plastic used to make sippy cups seems to pick up and hold everything - from scents to residue. It's was a daily battle for me - until I discovered a few simple tricks (and Eco Friendly cleaning products) along the way!

Check my simple tips for safely cleaning frequently used surfaces in your home, and other items that you use daily with your children - such as sippy cups and bottles - with the very best Eco Friendly cleaning products, below.

Gluten-Free Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites - DIY Sweet Treats For Valentine's

Hi friends, how have you been? Not even going to lie. It's been a rough few weeks around here. It seems like my entire crew has been on a non-stop merry-go-round of sickness for the past two months. Just when we seem to be kicking one cold/flu bug to the curb, we pick up another! I've been on 24/7 germ control, and apparently, I've been failing miserably. Alas, I'm trying friends, so hard.

The last few days haven't been quiet as bad (knock on wood) so I've been doing a little therapeutic baking. Chocolate chip cookies, especially deep dish chocolate chip cookies like these ones (in heart shapes, covered in white chocolate and Valentine's sprinkles) bring on the smiles around here. They were just what the doctor ordered!  They are delicious, and they're so easy to make too. They're the perfect DIY sweet treats to share with loved ones for Valentine's Day, or any day. You can make them gluten-free or regular, your choice. Both are equally delicious!

Grab my recipe for Gluten-Free Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites, below.

Best Ever Homemade Play Dough - All Natural Gluten-Free Recipe Takes Just 5 Minutes To Make

Looking for the best ever homemade play dough recipe? This is it! This homemade play dough is no-cook, all natural and gluten-free (for kiddo's that have gluten allergies and may still be prone to taste-test everything). If you don't want to make it gluten-free, you can easily swap out the gluten-free flour in my recipe with regular all-purpose flour.

This play dough recipe only requires a very simple list of supplies, and it only takes about five minutes to whip up a big batch. We made all five colors pictured, with one batch.

If your child is past the taste-testing phase, you can also add a drop or two of your favorite kid-safe essential oils to your homemade play dough. I added a different kid-safe essential oil to each of the different colors, and my toddler loves it! It's a super fun and creative sensory experience, with the added benefits of aroma therapy. This play dough keeps for months, when stored in air tight plastic containers.

Grab my recipe for the best ever homemade play dough, below

Essential Oils Guide For Kids: Which Oils Are Safe For Kids + When and How To Use Them

Essential Oils have so many amazing health benefits. Essential Oils can be great for kids too! However, not all essential oils are safe for kids.  Knowing which oils to use and how to use them, can be a really tricky thing to navigate. After doing a ton of research on safe essential oils for kids and how/when to use them, I introduced a choice few to my kids (via a diffuser). After about 6 months of use, the benefits are undeniable! Because we've had such a great experience with essential oils, I thought I'd share some of what I've learned.

Read on for our Essential Oils for Kids Guide which includes information on which oils are safe + more on when and how to use them with kids ages 2-6 years old.