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4 Sentimental Gifts For Your Sweetheart

4 Sentimental Gifts For Your Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day may have just passed, but every day is a great day to make your loved one feel special. With everything that they do to bring joy to your life, it only makes sense that you do the same for them.

Whether your love language is acts of service or quality time, augmenting any day with a surprise gift can help your partner feel your love. From custom mugs to personalized jewelry, there’s no limit to the ways you can express your heartfelt sentiments.

To help you select the perfect Valentine’s Day items, here are four fantastic gifts that are bound to put a smile on your partner’s face.

DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Snowman

DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Snowman Christmas Winter Decor

This DIY Dollar Tree funnel set snowman makes the perfect shabby chic holiday and winter décor! They are so stinking CUTE and super simple to put together too.  Each DIY Dollar Tree funnel set snowman only costs about $2 to make (all-in!) So, they are definitely budget friendly.  These DIY Dollar Tree funnel set snowmen would also make great homemade gifts!

Hi, friends! I hope you are all well and staying safe out there! Rain has kept us homebound over the past few days, and thus thinking ahead to the holiday season. I see a ridiculous amount of twinkling lights, large mugs of hot chocolate and tons of Hallmark holiday movies (of course!) in the not so distant future for us.  Seriously, the tree and all of the decor' may be making an appearance this weekend. I need some of that holiday magic in my life, stat!

While I love to craft, in all honesty, I'm a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to procuring the necessary supplies. I always make a mental note to grab some of the cone foam forms from Dollar Tree, when they're not in demand  (in the summer.) Alas, I have yet to follow through.  A few years back, I ended up making these fun Dollar Tree funnel set Christmas trees, (using a 3 piece funnel set as a foam cone alternative) and sharing them here with all of you. At that point it became pretty clear that I'm not the only one that procrastinates buying foam forms! It became a popular pin for those who were also looking for an alternative to the traditional foam cone form. The following year, I decided to make these pretty Dollar Tree funnel set Angels, using ribbon, a funnel set, raffia and a handful of simple supplies all found at dollar tree (aside from the felt and embroidery thread used for the face/hair.) After crafting with these funnel sets as an alternative for three years now, I’ve decided that I like the height that the funnel sets allow. The foam forms are about 10" at Dollar Tree, These Funnel sets, when assembled properly, allow for a height of between 16"- 18". I love how adorable this DIY Dollar Tree Snowman ( or Snowwomen?!) turned out! My oldest daughter actually thought I purchased it from Home Goods (not a bad compliment at all, right?!) Ready to make your own DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Snowman?

Read on for the full supply list, and my easy step-by-step tutorial.

4 Tips to Unwind and Destress as a Busy Mom

As a mom, it's rare to have free hands, let alone free time. Even when you finally put the kids down for bed, your mind may still be racing through all the tasks remaining on your never-ending to-do list.

So how can you let go when you're always on the go?

Read on to see our top four ways to start destressing, no matter how busy you are.

DIY Giant Snowman Checkers Set - A Fun Family Gift Idea {Under $10 To Make!}

It's a Giant DIY Checkers Set! Yep, and not just any old Giant DIY Checkers Set, friends! We made ours Snowman themed! One of my favorite things about this DIY Holiday Gift (aside from the fact that it's ADORABLE?!) The total cost to assemble each Giant DIY Snowman Checkers, rang in at under $10!

My older daughter and I have been up to our elbows in craft supplies over the past two weeks. We've been brainstorming new DIY's daily, to make good use of our craft scraps for the upcoming holiday craft fair. In addition to making a few sets for the craft fair, we also made 2 sets to gift to close friends who have young children, as a "family gift." Each set only requires 2 boxes of mason jar lids / canning lids, and a few other simple supplies. If you've been reading here for a while, you may remember our original XL Checker Set made with Mason Jar Lids; my older kids STILL play with that set! It's definitely a family favorite, and it's super portable/durable.

Read on for the full supply list and our simple tutorial, to make your own Giant DIY Snowman Checkers Set this Holiday season!

DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Angels

These DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Angels are made from a 3 piece funnel set, and other simple supplies from Dollar Tree! Total cost rang in at about $6 each, to make. The pictured DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Angel stands at about 18" tall, and is perfect for displaying during the Christmas season (or even adding to the top of your Christmas tree!)

Hi friends, how was your week? We are super busy these days, but in the very best ways! These DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Angels, were our project of the day, yesterday. By stacking the funnels, and using them as a form/ base, it gives the illusion that the Angel is wearing a 3-tiered dress. My oldest daughter helped me assemble several of these, in about an hour and a half. I prepped everything by cutting down all of the ribbon into 5" strips, bundled the raffia to create Angel wings, and cut down all of the felt to create the face/hair. Then she helped me assemble them, using low temp hot glue. I was originally planning on leaving the faces without features - but my daughter had the idea of stitching on closed eyes / a mouth on each Angel, before gluing the felt down. I absolutely LOVE how they turned out, and I'm so glad that she suggested this super simple add-on. If you made our Dollar Tree Funnel Set Christmas Trees last year, these are just as easy to assemble! These make great handmade holiday décor and they'd also make a great gift!

Read on for the simple supply list and our easy tutorial to make your own DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Angels, this holiday season!

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Mini Embroidery Hoop Ornament w/ Free Template - Kids Sewing Series at One Savvy Mom™ Project #8

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, had a very shiny nose...Gosh, friends! How adorable is this Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Mini Embroidery Hoop Ornament?! My daughter and I made several of these 4" embroidery hoop Christmas ornaments over the weekend. They were super simple to put together! They're actually they're just slightly modified version of the deer template from our Woodland Animal Embroidery Hoops, that we shared here with a free printable template back in the Fall. This is project #8 in our Kids Sewing Series, here at One Savvy Mom™.

After coming across a yard of brown fabric and felt in our tote of craft scraps and a ball of red yarn, the idea for this Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Mini Embroidery Hoop Ornament was hatched! These ornaments make a great handmade Christmas gift idea. They also make a great holiday keepsake craft for the kids to make and for you to cherish as a parent, for years to come.

Read on for the simple supply list, our free printable template and our easy tutorial, to make your own Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Mini Embroidery Hoop Ornament, this holiday season!

DIY K Cup Christmas Trees - A Fun and Frugal Holiday Gift Tutorial!

Looking for the perfect DIY holiday gift idea for friends, neighbors, family, teachers, the mail carrier, etc.(the list goes on and on)? These DIY K Cup Christmas Trees are an adorable frugal way to spread some holiday cheer this season!

Hi friends, how have you been? Christmas is coming! I have a long list of people to gift to during the holiday season. Teachers, friends, family, the pediatrician, the mail carrier, my husbands co-workers etc., like I said, the list is LONG.  I don't have a ton of "free time" on my hands with 4 kids, so I've already started to assemble some of the gifts for all of the people on our list this year. 

Who doesn't love K Cups? Perfect gift, in my opinion! I decided to make these {super cute}super simple DIY K Cup Christmas Trees to house/present K Cups (along with coffee/tea mugs) to some of the people on our list this Christmas. You can grab a variety of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate K Cups and customize each DIY K Cup Christmas Tree according to each individuals preferences,, too. Each one of the pictured DIY K Cup Christmas Trees holds (6) K Cups, although you could easily make them a bit smaller, to accommodate (3) K Cups, if you prefer. One of my favorite frugal K Cup brands, is Market Pantry (Target's brand). You can pick up a box of 48 K Cups (medium roast coffee) for just $15.99! That's a steal in comparison to some of the other K Cup packs on the market. It also makes assembling several of these K Cup Trees, a super affordable gift option this holiday season.

Read on for a full supply list and for my tutorial on how to assemble your own DIY K Cup Christmas Tree gift arrangements, this holiday season!

Mini Canvas Snowman Ornaments - A Quick & Simple {Super Cute!} Christmas Kids Craft Tutorial

Looking for a cute Christmas craft to do with the kids? These Mini Canvas Snowman Ornaments are it! This is such a quick and simple {super cute!} Christmas kids craft; perfect for gifting to friends and family - or for your own Christmas tree. If you're into mess-free kids crafts {and what mom isn't, right?), this easy Christmas craft is definitely the craft for you!

Hi friends, how have you been? Each year, my kids make new DIY ornaments for our Christmas Tree, it's a bit of a tradition around here. It's always fun to look back each year on all of the ornaments that we've made together, when we decorate our tree. Last weekend, we got a jump start on our Christmas crafting, and made these adorable Mini Canvas Snowman Ornaments. This is such a quick and simple Christmas craft for kids. These Mini Canvas Snowman Ornaments come together in a cinch with a few simple supplies and Kwik Stix {fast drying} solid tempera paint sticks. If your house is anything like mine you might even already have a stray mitten or two {or 20!} on-hand, without a match, that you can easily upcycle for this craft.

Read on for the full supply list and our easy tutorial, to make your own Mini Canvas Snowman Ornaments with the kids this holiday season.