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DIY Slipper Care Packages For Warm & Cozy Holiday Wishes

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With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, we are starting to brainstorm what we can do for others as a family, this holiday season. These simple slipper care packages were our family project last weekend. We assembled several of these DIY Slipper Care Packages, to gift to the residents of a local nursing home this Christmas. We stuffed each pair of slippers with personal care items, magazines, and small treats. This is such a simple way to send warm & cozy holiday wishes to the elderly residents in our community, to show them that value and appreciate them.

Hi friends, how have you been? A few years back, I started to pare down on what we gift to our children for the holiday. Excess seemed to be the word of the day on Christmas morning, and it wasn't a tradition that I wanted to continue to cultivate. Instead, we started a new tradition. We give each of our children 3 gifts on Christmas. They each get a special item (this is generally something that they wouldn't ask for during the year) a new pair of pajamas and something to read. Then we take the rest of our holiday budget, and we use it to give back to others during the holiday season. We stuff shoe boxes with special items and treats, for children in other parts of the World, that have never received a single gift on Christmas morning. We collect toys for our annual donation to a local children's hospital, and we donate our time at our local food pantry. This year, we've added these DIY Slipper Care Packages for the residents of our local nursing home, to our list. And we're still brainstorming more ways that we can give back as a family, before the year ends.

These experiences have given our entire family a broader view of how incredibly fortunate we really are. It's also brought us much closer together. While we may not live a daily life of excess, we certainly have what we need and beyond, and we have each other.  That in itself, is a gift. When we do have excess now, we seek ways to use it for others who may not have even the mere basics.  It's a far better use of our resources; especially during the holiday season.  I love that my children are learning to find joy in serving others, and that they're learning to walk through each moment with a grateful heart.
After all friends, "The one who blesses others, is abundantly blessed."
Ready to give back this holiday season? Read on for my simple tutorial on how to assemble these DIY Slipper Care Packages.

One Savvy Mom!™ Top 2017 Holiday Gift Picks - The Best Useful Tech Gifts To Add To Your List This Year! + A Giveaway

The countdown is on! With the holiday's mere days away now, everyone is undoubtedly searching high and low for the perfect gift ideas for friends and family. I've poured over piles of products over the past few weeks, and have carefully selected 11 top notch products from the bunch,  to help you take the guess-work out of gifting this holiday season. Without further adieu I give you One Savvy Mom's Top 2017 "Useful Tech" Gift Picks. 

Read on for my Top 2017 "Useful Tech" Gift Picks, and for a chance to WIN a {pretty fabulous} prize pack!

No-Waste DIY Baby Shower Decor

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. 
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As a mom of 4, waste simply isn't apart of my vocabulary. Over the past 13 years, I've definitely honed the fine art of no-waste frugality, friends! My brother and sister in-law are currently expecting their first baby (a girl!) in early 2018, and I have a few friends that are currently expecting as well. When I was pondering baby shower decor ideas, I decided to put my crafty frugality to work to come up with some cute no-waste baby shower decor, that I can contribute to the many upcoming celebrations. What's no-waste baby shower decor? Basically, everything that's used to decorate for the shower, can be used after the fact, for baby. 

Read on for my simple no-waste baby shower decor ideas, simple supply lists, and tutorials. Make every penny count, for the mom-to-be and the new baby!

Wood Slice Santa Ornaments - A Super Cute & Simple Kids Christmas Craft

Hi friends, how have you been? There's a definite chill in the air here now, and we're already daydreaming of Christmas. The kids and I got a kick-start on some of their homemade / DIY holiday gift-making last weekend, by making these super cute {and super simple} wood slice Santa Ornaments. These are incredibly easy to make, and they turn out so flipping adorable!

I'm keeping a few to hang on our Christmas tree this year, and the kids plan on gifting the rest to friends and family.

Feeling crafty? Read on for the full supply list and my easy tutorial, to craft your own Wood Slice Santa ornaments with the kids this holiday season.

DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Christmas Trees

These DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Christmas Trees, turned out so cute!  My favorite part? They only cost about $3.50 each to make!

Hi friends, how have you been? The Christmas crafts are in full-swing around here! Last weekned, I paid a trip to the Dollar Tree to look for some cute add-ons/ supplies for a few of the holiday crafts that I'm working on. I was disappointed when I couldn't find any cone foam forms in their floral section. I have a bunch of stockpiled ribbon, and I had my heart set on making ribbon trees to display on the tops of my kitchen cabinets for Christmas. Though I had a plan, I certainly didn't want to shell out $5-$8 for each of the cone foam forms from the craft store, to make my ribbon trees.

After perusing the aisles, my eyes landed on a 3 piece funnel set in the cooking section. Each set comes with a small, medium, and large funnel (just $1 for each set of 3). After stacking them on top of each other, I decided that I could easily use the funnel sets, in place of a cone foam form, to make my ribbon Christmas Trees. Now that they're complete, I actually think they turned out better than they would have, had I used foam forms. The funnels are wider, which gives a much fuller look than the narrow foam forms would have. While I'm using my Dollar Tree Funnel Set Christmas Trees as a display on the tops of my kitchen cabinets, they would also make a super cute DIY holiday gift idea, this holiday season!

Read on for the full supply list, and my simple tutorial to make your own Dollar Tree Funnel Set Christmas Trees.

Turn Your Dead Summer Planters Into {Temporary} DIY Snowman Holiday & Winter Lawn Decor!

This summer planter makeover, easily turns your tired dead summer planters into {super cute!} DIY snowman winter lawn / porch decor. My favorite part? We transformed 8 summer planters, into adorable multi-sized snowmen, for just $3! This is such an adorable {frugal} way to upcycle you're existing summer planters for the winter / holiday season. When winter is over, simply pull the snowman decor off (the plastic is simply gathered / tied at the top with string / ribbon) and they're ready to use again for planting, during the summer season. My planters were looking pretty gross after the first few weeks of cold weather here, friends! This was such an easy and fun way to jazz them up a bit for the upcoming holiday / winter season. Our younger kids absolutely LOVE them! If you're looking for a simple, frugal, fairly mess-free DIY holiday decor craft idea for your lawn/porch, this is it!

Read on for the simple supply list, and my easy tutorial on how you can transform your dead summer planters into super cute snowman winter lawn decor, too!

Mini Canvas Snowman Ornaments - A Quick & Simple {Super Cute!} Christmas Kids Craft Tutorial

Looking for a cute Christmas craft to do with the kids? These Mini Canvas Snowman Ornaments are it! This is such a quick and simple {super cute!} Christmas kids craft; perfect for gifting to friends and family - or for your own Christmas tree. If you're into mess-free kids crafts {and what mom isn't, right?), this easy Christmas craft is definitely the craft for you!

Hi friends, how have you been? Each year, my kids make new DIY ornaments for our Christmas Tree, it's a bit of a tradition around here. It's always fun to look back each year on all of the ornaments that we've made together, when we decorate our tree. Last weekend, we got a jump start on our Christmas crafting, and made these adorable Mini Canvas Snowman Ornaments. This is such a quick and simple Christmas craft for kids. These Mini Canvas Snowman Ornaments come together in a cinch with a few simple supplies and Kwik Stix {fast drying} solid tempera paint sticks. If your house is anything like mine you might even already have a stray mitten or two {or 20!} on-hand, without a match, that you can easily upcycle for this craft.

Read on for the full supply list and our easy tutorial, to make your own Mini Canvas Snowman Ornaments with the kids this holiday season.

DIY K Cup Christmas Trees - A Fun and Frugal Holiday Gift Tutorial!

Looking for the perfect DIY holiday gift idea for friends, neighbors, family, teachers, the mail carrier, etc.(the list goes on and on)? These DIY K Cup Christmas Trees are an adorable frugal way to spread some holiday cheer this season!

Hi friends, how have you been? Christmas is coming! I have a long list of people to gift to during the holiday season. Teachers, friends, family, the pediatrician, the mail carrier, my husbands co-workers etc., like I said, the list is LONG.  I don't have a ton of "free time" on my hands with 4 kids, so I've already started to assemble some of the gifts for all of the people on our list this year. 

Who doesn't love K Cups? Perfect gift, in my opinion! I decided to make these {super cute}super simple DIY K Cup Christmas Trees to house/present K Cups (along with coffee/tea mugs) to some of the people on our list this Christmas. You can grab a variety of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate K Cups and customize each DIY K Cup Christmas Tree according to each individuals preferences,, too. Each one of the pictured DIY K Cup Christmas Trees holds (6) K Cups, although you could easily make them a bit smaller, to accommodate (3) K Cups, if you prefer. One of my favorite frugal K Cup brands, is Market Pantry (Target's brand). You can pick up a box of 48 K Cups (medium roast coffee) for just $15.99! That's a steal in comparison to some of the other K Cup packs on the market. It also makes assembling several of these K Cup Trees, a super affordable gift option this holiday season.

Read on for a full supply list and for my tutorial on how to assemble your own DIY K Cup Christmas Tree gift arrangements, this holiday season!

Making Every Step Count with @CharityMiles - Let's Move Some Mountains!

Hi friends, how have you been? Moment of honesty, here. It's been painfully real around here these days. I wrote a pretty raw post back in the beginning of the summer about my youngest son, and his diagnosis of severe Apraxia of speech. The words are still ringing fresh in my ears. "Mrs. Wilson we don't believe your son will ever be able to speak."  While I have come to terms with much of what this means for him, and for our family, it's an ongoing journey. Some days are better than others. So goes life, right? It's an ever-changing journey.  I feel like the pendulum of emotions, is still in constant motion. It's allot to process, friends. Allot. By nature, I'm a fixer, and this isn't something that has a solution or a fix.

I did (finally) get his Tobii Dynavox Augmented Speech Communication device, approved.  That was a marathon in-and-of itself, folks. My best piece of advice when navigating the roadblocks that insurance companies so frequently set before you? Be persistent and unwavering. In total, I spent 27 1/2 hours on the phone with the insurance company advocating for my son, over the course of 4 weeks. It was exhausting, but at the end of the day it was incredibly worth it. This was a huge win for him. He now has a much-deserved way to communicate (sending a virtual bear hug out the folks at Tobii Dynavox - what you do is amazing and so very appreciated.) He's progressing each day with his use of this device, and he currently has the use of about 55 commands/words . The pride that I have for his persistence and continued perseverance (especially at just 3 years old) is vast, friends. VAST. I shed more than a few happy tears the first time he used his device to say, "Hi, my name is Henry, I use this computer to talk. How's it going?" His strength leaves me in awe, each and every day.

Read on...