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DIY Fabric Flip Flops: Fun & Frugal Tween Summer Craft Idea

DIY Fabric Flip Flops and Patriotic Flag Ribbon Flip Flops Tween Summer Craft Idea Tutorial One Savvy Mom onesavvymom
Looking for a fun, simple, frugal craft to do with your young daughter or tween? How about DIY Fabric Flip Flops? These only cost about $3 per pair to make, and the end result yields super cute fringe/ruffle shabby chic flip flops! Because this is such a simple & frugal DIY -she can make a pair to match every outfit!

What You'll Need & How to + DIY 4th of July Patriotic Ribbon Flip Flops:

  • Flip flops - you can find flip flops at a variety of stores for around $1. We hit a sale at Old Navy however, we've also seen them at WalMart in a vareity of colors for .99 cents.
  • (2) "fat quaters" of fabric that are printed on both sides. We found ours at WalMart for $1 each.
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
How to:

  • Cut both fat quarters into strips. Each strip should be 2"W x 6" L . Note: You'll cut the excess down after your knots are tied. It's simply easier for younger children to tie longer strips.
  • Once your strips are cut, fold your strips in half pull them through/tie them (tying a double knot) to the bands on your flip flops (refer to image). Continue until your bands are completely covered (Note: make sure that your knots are tied on the top side of the band - the surface that does not meet with the top of your foot).
  • After your bands are completely covered, begin to trim your fabric down you should leave a length of about 1"of fabric on each side of each knot. Note: this step should be done piece by piece - cutting more than one piece at a time can cause undesirable amounts of fraying. When complete, you should have super cute shabby chic ruffled look flip-flops - wear and enjoy!

DIY 4th of July Flip Flops One Savvy Mom Kids Craft Tween DIY Tutorial onesavvymom
These super cute 4th of July Flag Look Patriotic Flip Flops are a fun DIY holiday craft to do with your young daughter / tween. Follow the same steps as noted above however, in place of fabric strips
use ribbons (we found ours at WalMart). Same lengths, same steps as outlined above. Super cute results! Perfect DIY attire for the upcoming 4th of July holiday.

If you decide to do this craft this summer, we'd love to see your results! Tag us on Twitter @one_savvymom!

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