One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: Non-Toy Gift Ideas For Kids - Gift Your Kids With An Experience In Place of "Stuff" and Create Memories That Last A Lifetime!

Non-Toy Gift Ideas For Kids - Gift Your Kids With An Experience In Place of "Stuff" and Create Memories That Last A Lifetime!

This sweet girl of ours turned 9 last month. I'm still amazed by how quickly the years are passing. Time seems to be flying by in the blink of an eye!

We celebrated her big day with a trip to her favorite indoor water park and gluten-free cupcakes. Everyone had a blast!

In terms of gifts, she didn't really ask for anything in particular. There was a special camera that she's had her eye on, but I was also looking to find a great non-toy experience gift for her,  to look forward to after the big day.

Drawing from my own experience as a child, there are few gifts that I can recall as vividly as the time that my dad gave us a trip to Walt Disney World. It was my first visit to the park, so it's not something that I'll likely forget. Much like the time that my grandparents gifted everyone with a trip to Walt Disney World. It was pretty amazing. They took just under 30 people on the vacation of a lifetime!

There's something to be said for gifting a child with an experience in place of "stuff."  For starters, it gives them something to look forward to. It also creates the potential to make memories that will ultimately last a lifetime.

Looking for the perfect gift for your kids? Whether you're on the hunt for the perfect birthday gift or a great holiday gift, consider gifting them with an experience, in place of "stuff." 

Need some experience gift ideas? These are a few of my top suggestions:

Lessons: Is your child interested in honing their art skills? Grab some supplies, and a gift certificate for art lessons. Maybe your child has been itching to join the basketball team - pick up a great pair of basketball sneakers and sign them up! Maybe your child has interest in exploring an instrument, purchase (or rent) the instrument that that would like to learn, and sign them up for a month (or two) of lessons. This is a gift that keeps giving!

Sporting Events:
Grab tickets to an upcoming local sporting event for the entire family. Football, Baseball, Basketball- take your pick! Our family loves basketball. If you're in our area, check out the great deals offered at the Barclays Center on Brooklyn Nets Family 4 Pack Game Nights. Each ticket purchase comes with a t-shirt and a $15 food credit to use on concessions!

Catch a Show: Has your child been hinting that they'd like to see the latest family Broadway Show? Make it a date! Grab a few tickets, and head out to dinner before you see the big show. This surely isn't a memory that they'll be soon to forget! Or perhaps your child is a movie buff? Grab them a gift card to the local movie theater so that they can catch a few of the newest releases. Add in some extra for concessions, or if your local theater allows you to bring in food, make up a little basket of their favorite candy that they can tote along. 

Vacation: Has your child been hinting that they'd love to take a trip to a new area hotel with an indoor water park? Or maybe they're more partial to the beach? Perhaps they'd prefer to hit their favorite theme park? Gift your child with a night or two away from home, in the not so distant future! After all, half the fun is counting down to the big day! 

What are your thoughts?  Does an experience gift make a longer-lasting impression than the latest and greatest gadgetry?