One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: Top Apps That Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Top Apps That Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Whether your resolution is to lose weight, eat healthier, save money, get better organized or learn a language; it can be difficult to keep the momentum going into the new year.  Everyone can use a little help keeping their resolutions, right? 

These are some great apps to help keep you track with your New Year's resolutions this year! 

Lose weight
Losing weight is among the top New Year’s Resolutions made after the holidays.

With the Lose It app you can set goals; and track calories and exercise to get you there. A food and exercise database helps with the process.

Eating Healthier
Eating Healthier is a goal many of us have in the New Year.

The Fooducate app gives tips on how to eat healthier. There’s a food finder to help choose healthy options, and a barcode scanner for nutrition information. You can track calories to assist with weight loss goals.

Budget/Save Money                    
Saving money and paying off debt is top of mind for many people this time of year, making it a popular New Year’s resolution.

The Mint app provides a way to organize your accounts, bills and credit cards in one place to help keep track of it all. You can create a budget, monitor your spending habits, and get tips on saving.

Get organized
Many people would like to become better organized, especially with the New Year underway to start off on the right foot.

With increasingly busy lives, an integrated calendar is a must for many people to stay organized. The Sunrise Calendar app connects with favorite apps to help keep events up to date. You can also schedule events on the go.

Learn a language
More and more people are seeking to learn another language, and are adding the goal to their New Year’s Resolutions.

The Duolingo language learning app has many languages to choose from including Spanish, German, French and Italian; along with a host of others. You can increase learning levels and compete with friends.

Thanks to our friends at AT&T for curating such a great list to help keep everyone on track in 2016!