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So, The ABC World News Dropped By Our House Yesterday....

Yep, it happened.

I was checking my email on Monday afternoon (as I haven't been nearly as efficient about since baby #3 arrived - so, so sorry everyone - it's getting better every day! I promise!) when one particular subject line caught my eye. It was from a producer for the ABC World News With Diane Sawyer. He happened upon my blog and liked my frugal up-cycled/re-purposed kids crafts posts. He wanted to do a feature with fabulous money saving tips from "The Points Guy" and incorporate my blog / kids crafts into the segment. I said yes. Without blinking an eye.

I'm sure as I spoke to the friendly producer later that day, I rattled off something to the tune of -"yes, certainly, you can come to my home and film my children and I. In ONE DAY? No problem! Absolutely!" Then I got off the phone and realized, I had just one day to paint my entire house and buy new furniture clean my house - lose the 20 pounds of "baby" weight that I am still carrying around with me ( just 9 weeks after the birth of my 3rd child) etc. etc. etc.

The to-do list that was running through my head was exhausting!

Plus - I am nursing. Any mother of a nursing infant knows what I mean when I say, the days are ever-changing! The feeding "schedule" is completely unpredictable.  He cluster feeds some days from sunrise til' sunset (and beyond). While other days  he's more laid back - with feeding spaced out by 2-3 hours. It really is a guessing game (which I am totally fine with) however, it's definitely not something that you can plan ahead for.

I'll admit it. I was slightly intimidated. But,  I picked out  my best {most forgiving} stretchy / loose fitting clothing (to hide the baby pudge; as best as I could anyway ) and gave my house a quick once-over anyway (with the baby tagging along in the wrap ). The product?  Not even close to perfect. I just had to smile at the timing though and keep it moving!
Wednesday came, the rain poured down (all day long - and in buckets of course) and the baby woke up in one of those moods (see above)....

He cried from the first hello (with only a short reprieve in-between). The reporter was understanding (she also has 3 children - one of which is also an infant), the producers were forgiving,  and some even took turns holding him while they captured the footage that they needed.

After the day was over and we said our goodbyes, I sat down (for what seemed to be the first time in a day), breathed a sigh of relief -then had an unexpected revelation. It was a crazy WACKY day!  There was no way I could control the majority of what happened (which was very hard for my type A personality!) In actuality though? I am more than fine with the happy chaos in our lives right now. Being a family of 5 has changed us in the most spectacularly wonderful and unexpected ways. I can recognize that I am definitely still finding my balance as a mother of 3 though!

The day was a totally unexpected  {overall good} experience.

We received some FABULOUS tips from "The Points Guy", Brian Kelly.  He's a complete guru when it comes to negotiating credit card interest rates/rewards programs. I didn't even realize that negotiating the interest rates on our credit cards was possible, until yesterday.

Thanks to the folks from ABC and who came to hang out in my happy chaos for the day yesterday- it was a pleasure meeting you all!

I'll be sure to let everyone here know when the segment will air - it should be sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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