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Recycled Wind Chimes - Summer Kids Craft Tutorial

We are so grateful that the Sun and warmer temperatures have arrived! My daughter and I had a blast making this recycled / up-cycled wind chime yesterday! This project takes about an hour to assemble [minus the drying time for the paint] and only requires very simple supplies - that you most likely already have around the house/ in the recycling bin.

What you will need + Instructions
  • Hammer 
  • Nail [1]  
  • Acrylic paint [your choice of colors] 
  • Paint brush 
  • Modge Podge Hard Coat [purple label] 
  • Plastic Lid [ about 8" in diameter] create 4 small holes using your nail and hammer [should be done on the grass] on the perimeter of the lid and one in the center using your nail and hammer [an adult should complete this portion of the project]. 
  • 5 small recycled cans [wash and remove label] have your child paint the cans with varying designs using the acrylic paint - allow adequate time for drying. Once dry, paint 2 coats of Modge Podge Hard Coat on each painted can to create a weather resistant barrier. Allow adequate time for drying in-between coats. Once dry - use your nail and hammer to punch one hole in the top of each can [should be done on the grass - an adult should complete this portion of the project]
  • 5 Jingle bells [with loop] 
  • Twine or cord -(5) 2' pieces - tie one jingle bell to the end of each piece of cord / twine. Tie a knot [large enough that it won't slip through the hole on the inside of the can - about 3 inches above the jingle bell. Thread the cord/twine through the can. Tie another knot in the twine/cord about 4/5 inches above the can - this will create a stop just under the lid - thread the twine/cord through the lid [leaving about 2"-3" excess at top]. Note: Stagger the length of each hanging can, slightly. Repeat  for all 5 cans. Join all five pieces of twine/cord together in a knot at the top and create a small loop for hanging.

Recommended for ages 6+ [with adult supervision/help] 

Happy Crafting ~ Enjoy the gorgeous weather!

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