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Because There's Nothing Better Than A Snug #ShareASnug

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Because There's Nothing Better Than A Snug #ShareASnug One Savvy Mom Sarah Wilson and Baby H NYC Columbus Circle
Think about it. At the end of the day, is there anything better than being surrounded by the people that you love? I think not.

As we rush from task, to place, and back to yet another task each day, it's so very important to pause in moments of gratitude for the ones that we love. Tell them that you love them, and give them a warm embrace. The time that we have with them is a gift, and it's not to be wasted. 

A few weeks ago, as temperatures dipped to negative digits in NYC, Snuggle Bear [the Jim Henson created icon] embarked on a mission. He set out to embrace the folks of NYC in a warm signature "Snug," on one of the coldest days that the city has seen this season.
Yes, Snuggle Bear was trying to set a Guinness World Record however, if you stepped aboard the SnugMobile, you knew immediately that it was about so much more. The Guinness World Records on-site judge who counted each and every hug - or Snug, as Snuggle describes them, said it best,
"No matter how many times we reminded Snuggle Bear to speed it up, he took his time and shared a lengthy Snug with each and every person who boarded the SnugMobile. I've never seen anything like it - his genuineness and Snugly soft character certainly made up for it in the end. He may have not broken the record today, but he's a champion in the hearts of everyone he met."
And he did. He took time to joke and interact with each and every person that stepped aboard, including my children.

The SnugMobile distributed 15,000 Snuggle Bears on the Streets of Manhattan that day! And though Snuggle Bear was unable to make it into the Guinness World Records, we think that he did an excellent job of reminding us all to slow down and genuinely embrace the ones that we love more often. Thanks Snuggle Bear!

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