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The Cream Perfume Company Review & Giveaway (ENTRY ENDS 3/19/10 )

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I was fortunate to have the opportunity to review six amazing products from the Cream Perfume Company. My verdict? Their fragrances are simply lovely! They are not overbearing, and all the fragrances that I experienced had truely relaxing affect's( I am sure the kiddo's and my husband enjoyed that :-) The cream's that I was sent, were not the average mosturizer. I put the first on ( Coconut Vanille ) and was amazed at the protective barrier that it creates on your skin. There is no grease and it last's ALL DAY! ( My Hand's still felt smooth and protected after washing them several times)
About The Cream Perfume Company & Their Products
We work exclusively with internationally renowned perfumers and the local artisans of Grasse to develop premium nature identical oil blends, ECOCERT certified organic essentials, absolutes and pure plant and fruit extracts. Our perfumes are all phthalate free and contain no sulfates, petro-chemicals, synthetic dyes, triclosan, GMO, PPG, MEA, DEA, TEA or formaldehyde donors. Our products are cruelty free.
Additionally, our perfumed body moisturizers are 100% vegan, wheat and gluten free, contain no glycol, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, synthetic additives or synthetic fragrances.We are The Cream Perfume Company and simply make better scents, naturally!
                                   MY Experience with The Cream Perfume Company
                                               The Perfumed Body Mosturizer's
Lavender : I love this lotion ( put it on my hand's a couple minutes ago ) It has a beautiful smell of Lavender with a faint mint undertone. This is my favorite out of the three lotions that were sent to me ( though they all smell GREAT) I am partial to the Lavender scent.I LOVE ANYTHING THAT ASSIST'S in relaxation :-)
Coconut Vanille: This scent is just yummy! It remind's me of Summer, and every tropical place I have ever visited. Simply put? A very Happy Scent! Made me SMILE!
Rose: This scent brings the light floral scent of rose, very girlie and not overbearing. This is a wonderful Summer scent.
Nuts Cream Perfume
First I must mention the unique packaging that these come in! They are packaged in charming little jars made from enviromentally friendly residual Canadian Birch. I also want to mention that the solid fragrance is hydrating and not greasey when applied.
Melon: This is a sweet scent, that remind's me of kid's seemed to like this one, they kept telling me I smelled like "fruit" ( ahhh through the eye's of a toddler :-)
Ylang Ylang:  This was my favorite out of the three that I was sent to try. It's a very sensual scent, I like fragrances with tones of Jasmine.
Organic Vanilla: This is a yummy classic scent, that is more of an every day scent. True scent of Vanilla
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My Thanks to The Cream Perfume Company