One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: Happy Spring!.....a sweet reminder to cherish the little thing's........

Happy Spring!.....a sweet reminder to cherish the little thing's........

The weather has been amazing here for the past week or so..... so we have been outside soaking up every little bit, knowing that it may not stick around...... given that it's just March....wishfull as I may be :-). My sweet princess lulu was running in the park, and to my shock ( as I've mentioned ....I'm a bit of a scary when it comes to germs.....and by a bit I mean TOTALLY!) my little darling took off her shoes ( rather swiftly may I add ) and socks and took off in a dash across the freakish germ-o-phobe mom is running after sweet baby......trying to save her from the scary thing's that could be in said grass.....she stops....turns around....puts her little hands on her hips and says buuuuut moooommmmmm ( drawn out little diva toddler :-) it feels soooooo good! In the daily grind I have lost my sense of adventure, and am totally guilty of forgetting on occasion to stop and cherish the little thing's.  I have come across other mom blogger's recently that have had scary thing's happen with their sweet baby's ......some have had to say goodbye way too soon, other's are dealing with illness, and challenges. This has brought me to a pause on more than one occasion, and then I get back into my daily grind, once again forgetting to stop and give thanks for the little thing's. So to my sweet darling lulu......mommy thanks you for the reminder that stopping to feel the cool grass between your toes on a spring day is something to be cherished.......Happy Spring Everyone!
I hope that you too are able to thankful...... and find magic in something or someone today :-)


  1. There is nothing better than cool grass between the toes, especially in the spring. Besides, a little dirt and a few grass stains are part of growing up.

    Thanks for following, I'm following you back.

    Happy Spring!

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