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Ecogear Review

A little bit about Ecogear
Told by Jimmy, Ecogear founder

My inspiration for creating eco-friendly bags came while I was on vacation with my family. In the summer of 2006, watched my kids play on the beach. Realizing how special these moments were and thinking about how fast my kids were growing up, I was struck by a thought. What can I do to help to ensure my children have a clean and healthy planet to enjoy?
Months later, our company started developing a new line of bags, designed with the environment in mind.
Our statement is in the bag.
             My experience with the new Ecogear Ocean Bag
                                 (pictured above)
I recently had the privledge to review the new Ecogear Ocean bag ( available in charcoal & pink). The bag is very versatile, sleek in design, and comfortable to wear. I took this bag along on my daily escapades with my children in the city ( we live in NYC partime, and the nearby "country" partime ). I spend many days in and out of the subway station with two toddler's. This means that the majority of the time if your were to pass me in the street, I look like a juggling mommy packmule! I normally pack lunch, snacks, sippy cups, an array of "must have" small toys to keep my children occupied, my cell phone and wallet ( at the very least ). Both of my children, though still very young, have both outgrown diapers. This eliminated my go to accesory ( the diaper bag) to hold all of these item's on our adventures. When the Ecogear Ocean Bag arrived this problem was solved. I can fit their cups in the side zip pockets, my wallet fits well in the outside zip pocket ( as do my key's ~there is a hook for you to attach them - no more hunting in the bottom of the bag for my keys :-)   and my children's essentials, and lunch etc. fit nicely in the larger part of the bag. In addition to all of these wonderful features, the back of the bag ( the side that rest's to your back ) is padded well, and mesh for breathability, as are the shoulder straps. My favorite feature? The cellphone pocket in the shoulder strap. Very convenient for this mommy's juggling act! When trying to yield a stroller...and unwilling ( most of the time ) 5 year old, through the streets of NYC......the last thing I want to do is add to spectacle by stopping to do a scavenger hunt for my cell phone! Thank you Ecogear for designing a bag that looks great, is Earth friendly, and is functional! This mommy APPROVES!

Ecogear carries a large range of bag's including the adorable children's "Ecozoo" line ( pictured below). You are sure to find a bag that fits your lifestyle! Ecogear Bag's are available for purchase at

My Thank's to Ecogear for providing the product for review