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My Busy Kit Review

My Busy Kit, is a wonderful tool to keep your children entertained when on the go! Whether you are in a crowded restaraunt, airport, on vacation, or long car ride, My Busy Kits will keep your children entertained for hours. There are activities to keep more than one child entertained in the kit as well.
The kit that I reviewed was a My Airport Busy Kit. The kit includes (contents pictured below) Markers, an activity pad,  wikki stix ( bendable modeling stix ) linking shapes, tape measure, laceboard, crayons, safety scissors and more! All of these activities come packaged in a reusable zip carry case for toting along on your adventures! This kit was a great tool to keep my chidren entertained in the doctor's office ( I don't really like letting them play with the toys in the doctor's office as you never know what germs may be lurking ) and when we went out to eat on Easter weekend. They were both occupied with seperate activities, and when they got bored, we changed up the activity with another from this handy kit, and they were set!
My busy kit is compact, and can fit in my purse ( Mind you I have a "mommy purse" that is slightly larger, around the size of a small tote :-) Overall wonderful tool to occupy your little one's when your on the go.
Check out their new My Busy Kit  iphone app on their site!
My thanks to My Busy Kit for providing the kit for review.

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