One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: Percey the Perfectly Imperfect Chicken By Rick Reiser

Percey the Perfectly Imperfect Chicken By Rick Reiser

The Story of Percey the Perfectly Imperfect Chicken was an inspiring story of a chicken that was not like the other's from the time that he hatched. Though ridiculed for his differences, he finds a way to show all that have put him down, that it's ok to be unique.
This story arrived at my house right after my son lost his very fist tooth. He had been playing with his friends the day previous, and many of them were making fun of his new appearance, as none of them had lost a tooth yet ( he just turned 5 so he is on the earlier end of the spectrum for this turn of events ;-). This story is endgaging with the story line presented in ryhme, and beautifully illustrated! These two thing's combined make for a captivating children's story, which Rick Reiser has achieved, very well! This story helps chidren to recognize that difference is more than ok, its what makes us interesting, and who we are....truely one of a kind! What a great message to send our little one's!
You can puchase this book at many fine book retailers and  online HERE
My thanks to Rick Reiser for providing this book for review