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From Mom Jeans....To Marathon Sponsored by Nutrisystem Week 4

Another week has passed, and it's about that time! OK, this week was a test of will power but I made it through! Let me explain.....
We spent last weekend in Lancaster, Pa ( for an upcoming review of Dutch Wonderland). My husband ( and extreme "foodie"(but blessed with a better metabolism than mine) set us off on a mission to a very well known Amish Smorgasbord packed with home cooked favorites (served buffet style). Let's just say this place was the size of a Price Club Warehouse ( for real...HUGE!)!  There were thousand's of people, and the aroma's wafting through the air were tantalizing. I ate one of my yummy Nutrisystem meal's before we left, so I was fairly full when we arrived.  I had a small side salad with fat free dressing while we were at the Smorgasbord so that I could partake in some way. Though the food smelled amazing, the payoff was not worth it for me. I feel great, healthier, and feel like I am in control of my food choices again. I am at a point where I am not willing to trade my success thus far for a day of endless eating, it just wasn't an option in my mind.
Now for the weigh in..... I have gone high tech this week, and purchased a digital scale ( It calculates your BMI and exact weight) so out with the "old school" dial scale! Even with the lure of the Smorgasbord ....I lost 5.3 pounds this week! Bringing my total weight loss thus far to a little under 17 pounds! It feels liberating! As I move into week 5 I plan to up my walk/jog routine to 8 miles a day 6 day's a week.

I will be running the New York City Marathon for the Standing Tall organization on 11/7/10~26 Miles! Join me as I blog my way through this journey.
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