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From Mom Jeans......To Marathon~Sponsored By Nutrisystem Week 6

6 Weeks! I still can't believe that it's been six weeks, in a lot of ways I can't believe that six weeks have gone by so fast; WOW.....I've come pretty far in a short period of time! This week was a little chaotic which interrupted my nightly runs. Instead of running six days this week, I only managed to fit it in 3 days....and I felt it. It really is important to find the time for myself each day. As a mom I recognize that I am much better for my children when I have had the time to exercise. I feel better and have more energy when I follow through with my exercise plan. So next week I WILL NOT let all of the little stressor's that present themselves each day keep me from running at least 6 days this week ( I may try to run all 7 being that I slacked off so much last week).
I managed to stick to the Nutrisystem food plan this week though even though my fitness plans were derailed. I am happy that in staying with the food plan I lost yet another 2 pounds! So here I am in the beginning of week 7 and I have lost a total of 22 pounds! I'm hoping to increase my routine to 12 miles a day this week. Here's to 6 weeks down and 22 pounds lost! It feels great!

I will be running the New York City Marathon for the Standing Tall organization on 11/7/10~
     26 Miles! Join me as I blog my way through this journey.

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