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The Truth About Motherhood; Truisms (Guest Post)


I have been a faithful reader of the truth (The Truth About Motherhood) for the past couple of months.
There's something about the candid, humorous, and truthful way "Truthful Mommy" writes about motherhood that's infectious and keeps me coming back.........don't you love it when a mom can keep it real?!

Mommy Truisms; Because Poop Happens Edition
• Watching your baby be born in a mirror is much like watching a horror movie but holding your baby for the first time is as close to heaven as you will get on earth!

• Sleep ~ By far, the most important part of EVERY Mommy’s day.

• Motherhood is misery laced with profound moments of complete bliss!
• Naps~ When babies nap, Mommy MUST nap too or complete collapse will ensue (Mental, physical, and emotional meltdowns are guaranteed).

• Emotionally the first day of Kindergarten is harder than 13 hours of labor, for Mommy.

• When your child gets intentionally hurt by another child, survivalist Mommy intuition makes you want to trip, kick, hit, beat, or bite the 3 foot tall offender.

• For the little sister of a kindergartner, every morning is like sending the kindergartner off to war and every pick up is returning home safe and victorious.

• Naps ~ Keeping children alive since the beginning of time.

• 99% of the time, when giving birth… you WILL poop on the table!

• Watching your child struggle in social situations is like watching them try to learn how to walk for the first time. You stand back and try to see what happens, and then you give them gentle nudges in the right direction, if all else fails, you grab them by the hands and show them how its done.

• Mommies are the healthy, organic meal that sustains our children; Daddies are the dessert.

• No matter how you try to prepare yourself, what your age, religion, race, sex, socio-economic standing- the moment you first set eyes on your newborn baby will leave you breathless!

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