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Janet Weis Children's Hospital Holiday Shop & One Savvy Mom!™

In October I was contacted by a representative for ZhuZhu Pets asking me if I would like to participate in their Holiday Program "100 Random Acts of Zhu" in which they would provide 100 ZhuZhu Pet's for a charity or organization of my choosing. After some consideration I decided on a Northeastern Pennsylvania Hospital; Janet Weis Children's Hospital as they dedicate themselves every day to the care of our most precious gift's....children!

After a few phone calls it was all set up....I would deliver the ZhuZhu Pets on December 4th to the Hospital, where they would be used in the Hospital's Annual Holiday Shop. The Holiday Shop is set up within the hospital for parents with children who are residing in the Hospital long term, to pick out toy's for their children for the Holiday's free of charge (many of these families would not have Holiday gifts without the donations).

About a week later I was thinking of all of the experiences my family has had this year, and all of the amazing companies and brands that I have come into contact with, and I sat down and wrote a letter.  I disbursed this letter through email to various companies explaining the opportunity that I was given through ZhuZhu Pets "Random Acts of Zhu", and asking if they would also like to participate in donating to the Janet Weis Children's Hospital Holiday Shop............the response I received was incredible!
Over the course of about 5 weeks and with the very generous donations of three amazing companies: K'NEX, PlaSmart, & ZhuZhu Pets......... over 300 Toy's were provided to the Janet Weis Children's Hospital! We had the extreme honor of presenting the gifts to the Hospital this past Saturday.

The night before we gathered everything up........................

and the next morning we all piled into the van for a 2 hour drive to the Janet Weis Children's Hospital.  When we arrived  we were greeted by Megan (pictured below)  from the Child Life department who helped us unload everything through several trips with these giant bin's (B wanted to get in one to take a ride;)
Some of the great products that were donated included:

 These toy's will undoubtedly brighten the Holiday for many children at Janet Weis Children's Hospital!

Over the past year I have worked with some amazing companies and brands, and have had some incredible experiences. I have to say that this by FAR has been the most incredible experience I have had since I began blogging. To watch these companies show their love for these children and donate so generously has been wonderfully heartwarming.....and to have a small part has helped my family remember what the Holiday Season is really all about.

A sincere THANK YOU to ZhuZhu Pets, K'NEX, and PlaSmart for their generosity and support!
Happy Holiday's!