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Winter Wonderful! Winter Essentials Guide

Winter is here....It's OFFICIAL! We got buried in snow in the Northeast Part of the country the day after Christmas, and the temperatures that have lingered are bitter to say the very least (the wind chill was -6 degrees here yesterday.....BLAH!). So, now that it's to deal?!

With two small children, and a whole lot of time on our hands....minus the option to go frolic and play outside for long periods of time (lazy days of summer COME BACK...I MISS YOU!) I have to now  masterfully put together projects, arts & crafts, games, and other activities to occupy the kiddies indoors (which I kinda love as I get to relive my childhood with some "old school" arts & crafts ;). Aside from putting up a trampoline in the play room (yup; it really is a great way for the kids to burn off energy so we have one inside too- don't worry it's just a small one and they are under supervision at all times when using it ;) there can be some challenges when it comes to burning off energy and occupying them constructively.

So.......I went in search of some Winter Essentials, that would help to make the Winter months productive, fun, and ultimately help mommy maintain her sanity ;). I found a wonderful assortment of products & entertainment options and will be sharing them here in the form of the Winter Wonderful! event over the next few weeks. Stay tuned, many reviews will also offer the opportunity for reader's to win some of the products and give them a try for themselves.....hopefully making your Winter....a little more WONDERFUL!