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I love you more than... & Flaggin' the Dragon by Grandma Light (Review)

A Little Bit About I Love You More Than...
Traveling by car during the summer with my son, Daniel, we used to play a game. The game was called “I Love You More than…” We would think of things that we really, really liked and then we would say I love you More than that…This book came out of our game. Miles and miles would pass and we would grow closer and closer together. Perhaps you’d like to try this game when you travel and see what happens.
Our Experience
This is an absolutely adorable story, that can become a game for you and your little one's! Perfect for the upcoming Valentine's Day Holiday, the I Love You More Than... story book takes you through the various thing's that you love each other "more than" . B & the princess adore this book, and it has become a favorite pick at bedtime in our house! The kid's also like to expand the story by telling each other what they love each other ( and dh & myself) more than.... very cute!
A Little Bit About Flaggin' The Dragon
"Flaggin" the Dragon is a whimsical, inspirational book for all ages about a dragon who goes on a journey looking for something. To his surprise and to the delight of readers, Flaggin with the help of friends, finds out that he doesn't need what he's looking for and in the process finds out who he really is.
Our Experience
Sometimes, although we might think we want or need something, the things we may think that we want & need are not in fact the thing's that we really need at all. Although as an adult, this has become something that I'm accustomed to, it's a relatively difficult lesson to teach to two small children! They tend to want what they want, when they want it. Not only do they want it.... they neeeeeeeeed it (parents you know to which I speak!)! So I was thrilled when we read the again, ADORABLE, Flaggin' the Dragon Story by Grandma Light! The story line follows Flaggin' (the dragon) as he searches for something that he thinks he needs but soon discovers it's not what he needs at all. Flaggin' the Dragon is a beautiful story about friendship and self discovery.....another big hit with the kid's!

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