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Nutrisystem (Review)

Week 22 Update
The past week and a half has been great, it's wonderful to be back to eating my delicious Nutrisystem meals! I really missed a few of my favorites, the French Toast with a bowl of fruit salad is the PERFECT way to start the day! Another guilty pleasure (without the guilt)  on the Nutrisystem program is the Ice Cream Sundae's for desert, and some of the other scrumptious frozen dinner entrees (less like a diet and more like a treat!).
For the past 22 weeks, it has been fairly easy to stick with the plan (aside from unplanned dental issues). Having experienced other diet programs in the past, I always found it hard to keep up as I felt like I was punishing myself (while I sat with my diet food at dinner and my family was enjoying and delighting in one of my home cooked meals). With gourmet frozen entrees & desserts, and the ability to take some of the pantry food with me when I'm on the go (life can get a bit hectic, and it's great to know that I can bring my Nutrisystem along without hassle) Nutrisystem has proven to be the perfect plan for my lifestyle, I'm very pleased with the results! In a little over a week, I have managed to take off an additional 2 pounds!
With just 11 pounds to go until I reach my goal weight....I am beyond thrilled! The results that I have seen with Nutrisystem to date have been unlike that of any other diet plan that I have EVER experienced! Thank you Nutrisystem, I'm now experiencing a whole new part of my wardrobe that I haven't been able to wear in quite a long time!

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