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Nutrisystem Week 20

My goodness, has it really been 20 weeks?! This update has been a long time coming, however I was soupin' it for a while. EXPLANATION: I had an issue with one of my back wisdom teeth  (READ: I woke up one morning and looked like the elephant man quite literally, with the one side of my face and neck very swollen). After going to the doctors, and then to the dentist they told me that an abcess had spread very quickly into my facial spaces and tissue - leaving me in a lot of pain for more time than I care to remember. So, for a couple of weeks I wasn't really able to keep up with the Nutrisystem program, as I could only really handle liquids, soup, yogurt, and jello (wheee....I can't express to you how much fun that was).
During the time that I was sick I lost about 6 pounds however, gained 3 of those pounds back quickly when I was able to eat (which was not a surprise as I hadn't eaten a healthey fully balanced meal in quite a few days). I have been back on the program for 3 days now, and am looking forward to reaching my goal weight...which is just 13 pounds away at this point! I had to go to the bank yesterday, and rather then hop in the car and drive, I packed the princess into the jogging stroller and jogged to the bank and back (WOW, it had been a while and I definitely felt it this morning!). With a healthey exercise plan (please weather Gods, bring us a little sunshine so that I can get outside to exercise this week!) and Nutrisystem, I'm sure to reach my goal weight in no time at all!

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