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Super Simple Textured Art That Kids Will LOVE Creating! Crunch Art!

A Little Bit About The Crunch Art Scrapbook Set
Crunch Art is a way for kids to create colorful textured art. With the Crunch Art Scrapbook Kit, kids have a unique way to make a personalized memory book. Not only can they decorate the inner pages, but they can now Crunch fabric designs on their scrapbook cover!

Crunch Art Scrapbook Set Includes:
  • 100 Pieces of Fabric
  • Crunch Board
  • Cruncher
  • Adhesive Foam Cover
  • Foam Accents
  • Beads
  • Ribbon
  • Cardboard Cover Back

Our Experience
There has been an upswing on the crafting in our home lately and we have all been having tons of fun crafting and creating! There is a definite enthusiasm in our home when it comes to scrapbooking and our daughter is no exception! She adores scrapbooking, and had a blast this past week creating her very own Scrapbook, with an all inclusive kit by Crunch Art!  Not only is Crunch Art incredibly fun to make,  it is so simple that even younger kids will have the opportunity to get in on the Crunch Art FUN!  Everything (and more) that you need to create an adorable Scrapbook is included in this kit! No glue required, no cutting, NO MESS! Yes folks, crafting with kids, without the mess!

By simply placing the pre-cut fabric squares (multiple colors included) on top of the foam cover and included foam accents (all on top of the Styrofoam block), and using the "cruncher" to press down in the center of the foam square....your children will instantly make gorgeous patterns and fabric designs!  Our daughter was able to create an adorable little scrapbook using this kit and is now looking forward to using the remaining fabric squares and cruncher to "Crunch Art" Holiday Gifts for family and friends (some cute little Holiday themed foam shapes that we picked up at our local craft store, to make Ornaments!). She has big plans for her scrapbook too! She plans on adding pictures of family and friends from our upcoming family get-togethers to her scrapbook to create a keepsake from the Holiday Season.

The Crunch Art Scrapbook Set would make a wonderful gift this Holiday Season! Whether your child is making a scrapbook to gift , creating a keepsake, or your gifting the Crunch Art Scrapbook Set itself, Crunch Art is sure to offer up hours of crafting FUN!
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