One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: MEGA BLOKS Blok Squad - Hours Of Creative Fun To Be Had With The Blok Squad Construction Site Set!

MEGA BLOKS Blok Squad - Hours Of Creative Fun To Be Had With The Blok Squad Construction Site Set!

A Little Bit About The BLOK SQUAD Construction Site Set
All missions are possible when you team up with the three Construction vehicles of the Blok Squad Construction Site! Build the Construction Vehicle 4x4 a workers truck with optional trailer designed to haul more than a truck alone. With your Blok Squad Construction Worker, easily drive from the street right into a quarry! Construct the Track Loader a big canopy, heavy lifting tractor with a huge shovel and tracked wheels. Move across any terrain and hoist the heaviest stones with your Blok Squad Construction Worker at the controls. Assemble the Road Roller a heavy compacting machine that instantly crushes dirt, gravel and asphalt flat. With the help of your Blok Squad Construction Worker moving it into position, assist in making new paths and roads for Bloktropolis!

Band together with all three Construction vehicles to squareoff a construction zone, dig out a quarry and level out the area to make it secure for your next skyscraper!Ideal for children ages 5 and up!

  •  Buildable Construction Site team of Construction 4x4 Truck, Track Loader and Road Roller with 395 pieces
  • Includes 3 Blok Squad Construction Workers
  • Collect them all and combine Blok Squad vehicles to build heavyduty machines to complete any Construction mission!
Our Experience
When our children were a little younger, their absolute favorite activity was building with their large brightly colored (easy for little ones to handle) MEGA BLOKS.  Those two bags of durable plastic blocks easily provided more hours of creative play than ANY of their other toys. Now that they're a little older, they still enjoy building and creating just as much as they did then!

The Blok Squad Series of block sets from MEGA BLOKS offer older children the
opportunity to build and create using durable smaller building bricks, and each set offers a different theme. Our son had an absolute blast creating all of the fun construction vehicles with the 395 piece Blok Squad Construction site set by MEGA BLOK's! After it's all built, children can then enjoy hours of imaginative play, or take it apart and build it all back up again!

The MEGA BLOKS Blok Squad Construction Site Set would make the perfect gift this Holiday Season!

You can find the MEGA BLOKS Blok Squad Construction Site Set at retailers nationwide and online. For more great products by MEGA BLOKS visit

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