One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: The Perfect Gifts For YOUR Brainy Baby This Holiday Season! Glowberry Bears™ & Flashcar Friends™

The Perfect Gifts For YOUR Brainy Baby This Holiday Season! Glowberry Bears™ & Flashcar Friends™

(Summer Lightly Glowberry Bear Pictured Above)

A Little Bit About Glow Berry Bears By Brainy Baby
These cute and cuddly talking  bears are filled with smiles and words of good cheer -- They can interact with your child (bear-to-child mode) or directly with each other (bear-to-bear mode). They're tummy also functions as a night light that automatically turns off after three minutes of inactivity.
(Includes three AA batteries).
(Twinkleton Glowberry Bear Pictured Above)

A Little Bit About Flashcar Friends™
These unique and adorable wooden vehicle characters have very special cargo - flashcards on academic topics like letters, numbers and more! Each Flashcar Friends™ vehicle is made of wood, including the flashcards too!

Collect Sadie‛s other Flashcar Friends™ - Rudy the 123s Recycling Truck™, Aerial the Shapes & Colors Airplane™ and Flash the Animals Fire Truck™ - and open up a word of discovery for your child!
Our Experience
I'm certain that your already aware of Brainy Baby and all of their amazing educational products that they offer for pre-school age children! Now you can find all of their great products in one convenient place in their online store, The Brainy Company Store!

Two of my top 2011 Holiday Gift Picks from Brainy Baby this year for pre-schooler's are the super cute Glowberry Bears, and Flashcar Friends!

 Glowberry Bears offer up so much fun, all in a cute cuddly package that kids are going to LOVE! With several different modes, little ones can either interact with the bears (in bear to child mode), have the bears interact with each other (requires both one Summer Nightly and one Twinkleton Bear for this mode) or simply use them as a hugableg nightlight (the handy timer will automatically shut off after 3 minutes without interaction from the child). Whether your picking up one or both of these adorable glowing bears for your children this Holiday season, the array of interactive modes are sure to keep them engaged, delighted, and entertained.
Brainy Baby's Flashcar Friends are truly unlike anything I've seen to date in their design!  It's a toy and a learning tool preschoolers just can't get enough of! Our daughter has had non-stop fun with these since they arrived, and I'm certain the fun will continue for a long time to come! Both the Flashcar Friends and Glowberry Bears would make perfect gifts for pre-school aged children this Holiday season!

Your sure to find something that YOUR "brainy baby" will adore this Holiday season at The Brainy Company Store!
You can find Glowberry Bears and Flashcar Friends along with many other Brainy Baby items at
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