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Rockin' Fashion Just For Boys From Addaboy

Having a son certainly brings undescribable joy and unrivaled amounts of energy. Having a son also means very limited fashion options. We've all been there before, right? Standing in the department store where the divide is clearly unequal. The HUGE section of girls fashions that easily trumps the lack luster teeny tiny selection of boys fashions.

Because great (and unique) boys fashions can be so incredibly hard to come by, I'm always a thrilled to find a designer that focuses solely on boys fashions, and Addaboy is one of those brands. Addaboy offers fashion-forward musically inspired clothing, that boys will love! Our son is much like my brothers were growing up, he loves classic rock. He has amassed a small collection of musical instruments, that he hopes to play one day. For now, he's learning to read music and play the piano; so Addaboy's rock inspired line was right up his alley! The Turquoise Bamboo Cassette Muscle Tee (pictured left) is super soft and is perfect for hot summer days; it reads 'on weekends I use my stagename', how adorable is that? This shirt, coupled with the black denim Capri pants (also pictured left) is easily his favorite outfit from Addaboy. The Dreamer shirt runs a very close second (pictured below) and the Black + Paisley Shirt is perfect for dressing things up a bit.
As a mother, I love that this line has been designed by a mother; after all, moms really do know best! In many cases organic and natural materials are incorporated into the line and  the Inks used for Addaboy screen printing are non-phthalate, non-lead and non-formaldehyde; which are all points of interest and very important to me when shopping for children's clothing.
Overall, Addboy offers quality fashion-forward musically inspired, nostalgic and trend-setting styles that boys will love!

The AddaBoy Story: At Addaboy, our clothing is inspired by our passion and love for music. Whether it's the psychedelic 60's or the punk scene of the late 70's, our goal is to create unique clothing that captures the spirit of the music that we listen to each and every day.

Addaboy kids clothing is made in Canada. We are proud to be fairly made from conception to distribution. Many of the garments are custom made items that are in short production runs. Some of the silk screening is done by hand in our shop which results in one of kind garments that cannot be duplicated in any other manner.

We want to make upbeat modern clothes that are current but also pays homage to the unbridled energy of the early rock, punk & new wave scenes. Simply put, one could not exist without the other!

Michelle Ward (founder of Addaboy) spent much of her late teens and early 20's enjoying Toronto's punk/new wave scenes. Her passion for new music has never stopped and now she shares this love with her two boys, Kale and Desmond.

Be sure to check out some of the great pieces available now for Fall/Winter 2012 by visiting ( also pictured left). To learn more about Addaboy and to purchase the items featured in this post visit them online  at:                                                             
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Published April 18, 2012