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The #EnoughChallenge - A 30 Day Journey To Discover Your Family's "Enough"

The Challenge? To find our family's "enough" over a 30 day time period. The results, so far? Life changing.

A few weeks ago while on Twitter, I came across the first day's tweet for Parent & Child's "Enough Challenge". To be quite honest, I was having a rough day. We've had a few of those lately.

This journey of daily challenges has put most of those [seemingly] tough situations into perspective for us though, and has helped us to turn our energy back towards what's most important; family.  

In a space in time, where most are engulfed with the pressures to keep up with the latest technology, electronics, trends, and fashions -- I can't help but feel that I've let my family get off track. 
The first 16 day's of challenges have helped our family regain sight of what's most important and lessen the emphasis that we placed on thing's that really aren't.

The Enough Challenge has been a valuable experience of growth and change for our family. We're looking forward to the next 14 day's of challenges and to see how we've all grown and changed at the end of the 30 day challenge.

Published April 30, 2012

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