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Chic Solutions For Mom & Baby From OhBabyChic™ - The Infant Paparazzi Pod™

Draping a blanket over your child's infant carrier can be a quick and simple way to shield baby from the elements and germs while out and about. Though quick and simple, it is not really an effective solution. Blankets don't exactly secure your little one's environment. They can slip off, fall to the ground, and at times (depending on the material) they don't allow for proper ventilation. OhBabyChic has introduced a fashionable solution with their Infant Paparazzi Pod™.
Simple in it's design and available in several fabric patterns, the Infant Paparazzi Pod allows the protection that parents are looking for, in a lightweight breathable design, that will confidently stay in place while on-the-go with your little one. 
The Infant Paparazzi Pod fits easily around the frame of  infant carriers with an elastic seam and secures to the handle using two Velcro straps. We love that the Velcro straps don't interfere with the use of a carrier handle and that it offers a small opening on the front of the cover for parents to peek in on baby without disturbing them.  The Infant Paparazzi Pod's lightweight portable design is fabulous and allows parents to fold it down compactly and stow it virtually anywhere.

The Infant Paparazzi Pod creates a peaceful {chic} environment for baby while on-the-go A definite essential for mom and baby; The Infant Paparazzi Pod would also make the perfect shower gift!

Infant Paparazzi Pod™

OhBabyChic Infant Paparazzi Pod™ is the perfect accessory. You can dash from the mall to the play-date all while protecting your most precious cargo. The Pod is designed to protect your baby from germs, weather, and dust elements all while exploring the City in Style.

- Provides hands off privacy for newborns in infant car seats
- Year-round use; guards against wind, germs, dust, & bugs
- Elastic outer band for easy on & off
- 100% breathable, designer cotton fabric
- Eliminate draped & falling blanket on baby's face
- Fits conveniently in diaper bag or purse
- Los Angeles fabric is pure organic
-Designed and beautifully Made in the USA

You can find the Infant Paparazzi Pod and their line of matching nursing covers online at:

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