One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: Stay Connected With The myCharge Summit 3000

Stay Connected With The myCharge Summit 3000

We absolutely LOVE the myCharge Summit 3000 for providing peace of mind in knowing that we won't lose power while we're out and about! You see,  I have this nagging tendency to not charge my cell phone. It's all good until I step out my front door and my phone starts to mock beep at me, indicating the fully drained battery.

The myCharge Summit 3000 has the capability to charge/top off the battery of Apple®  devices, Android phones and cell phones, providing up to 13 hours of talk time on typical smart phones. This compact device is perfect for stowing in a purse, briefcase, or backpack. It would also be a great idea to keep a charged myCharge power bank in the glove compartment of your vehicle, in case of emergency.

The myCharge Summit 3000 includes a Apple® device adapter [charges iPod's, iPad's, and iPhone's] a Micro USB adapter, and a on-board USB port for use with your own adapters.  The myCharge Summit 3000 unit itself can be charged via the USB cable or the fold flat A/C adapter.
Check out our video review of the myCharge Summit 3000.

Product Features
  • 3000mAh rechargeable battery with built-in USB charging cable
  • Built-in Apple® and Micro USB connectors , plus on-board USB port allow you to charge hundreds of devices
  • Charge up to three devices at once
  • Experience 13 more hours of talk time (3G), up to 17 more hours of video or up to 67 more hours of music
  • Fold out wall prongs to recharge Summit ultra-fast
  • LED battery power indicator
  • Voice notification in four languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese tone notification
The myCharge Summit 3000 offers big power in a compact streamlined design and is an absolute essential for family's on-the-go!

You can find the myCharge Summit 3000 at select retailer's nationwide and online at