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American Girl of The Year 2013 Saige Copeland - Accessories & Fashions For The Girl Of The Year!

Check out the new fashions and accessories available in correspondence with the 2013 American Girl of The Year doll, Saige Copeland. Her line of themed accessories highlight this Girl of the Year's love of animals and Hot Air Ballooning with her father.

Saige's super cute fashions reflect her love of horseback riding, her Southwest origin and events from the storyline in her two book series.  Saige's collection includes[pictured above]:

1. Saige's Painting Set : When Saige is feeling creative, she can bring out this art set. It includes:  An easel with a tray and cup for holding her supplies—it folds for easy storage when she's done  Five faux paint tubes and four brushes that Saige can really hold on to. A painter's palette for blending the perfect shade.  A sketch pad to plan out her paintings, plus a portfolio to store the finished product.  Five of her paintings on real canvas.

2. Saige's Horse & Parade Saddle Set : Saige is sure to inspire at the "save the arts" parade with this set! It includes Picasso the horse, plus his fancy saddle set.

3. Saige's Hot Air Balloon Set : Saige loves to soar high above the mountains with her dad!

4. Saige's Parade Outfit & Hat : Saige is sure to make a big impact in the "save the arts" parade with this collection! It includes a special western-style outfit, plus a hat to match and helmet that helps her stay safe while she rides her horse, Picasso.

5. Saige's Dog: This sweet dog named Rembrandt lives on Grandma Mimi's ranch—he loves to play in the open air. He's a border collie mix with a plush body, fluffy black and white fur, and an attached blue leash.

6. Saige's Sparkle Dress : Saige wears this fancy outfit to the Balloon Fiesta® on her tenth birthday!

7. Saige's Pajamas for Doll: When the sun sets on the Sandia Mountains, Saige dresses in these cozy pajamas.

8. Saige's Accessories: Saige adds splashes of color and style wherever she goes! Her bright canvas purse is perfect for toting art supplies on the go. She loves to mix and match her special jewelry: a pierced earring set with studs and dangles, a turquoise beaded necklace with a golden coin charm, and a red multi-strand bracelet with an adjustable closure.

9. Saige's Sweater Outfit: When Saige paints in Grandma Mimi's studio, she gets comfy in this artsy outfit.

For more on the 2013 American Girl of the Year, Saige Copeland, including our video review of the Saige doll, included accesories, books and more information on the in-store events / happenings surrounding the 2013 Girl of The Year CLICK HERE.

You can find the items pictured/featured in this post at American Girl retail locations nationwide and online at . The 2013 American Girl of the Year doll, accessories and fashions are available for a limited time only [while supplies last] through December 31, 2013.

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