Super Cute { Upcycled } Spring & Easter Handprint, Footprint & Fingerprint Kids Crafts { Full Tutorials & Supply Lists }

Spring / Easter break has arrived! It's the perfect time to break out the crafting supplies and other upcycled materials from around the house {and the great outdoors} and get to crafting with the kids! We kept busy over the weekend with these fun Spring themed crafts. Each of these cute projects take about 30 minutes to complete and only require simple supplies and upcycled materials {that you most likely already have on-hand around the house}.

Handprint Watercolor Butterfly Kids Craft
  • White Craft Glue
  • Paint brush
  • Crayon [to trace your child's hands]
  • Small container of water [for watercolor paints].
  • White craft paper [ 2 pieces] Trace your child's hands [ you will need 2 sets of hand prints for the butterfly's wings].
  • Safety Scissors [ to cut out the 2 sets of  traced hand prints and pipe cleaner].
  • Watercolor Paints Have your child paint their hand prints with fun designs.
  • Washable paint [in your choice of color - we used purple] Paint the cardboard tube - allow adequate time for drying.
  • Googly Eyes [2] Affix to the top center of the cardboard tube using craft glue to create your butterfly's eyes -allow adequate time to dry.
  • Pipe Cleaners [1] in your choice of color. Cut 1 inch piece off of pipe cleaner - bend and affix to the cardboard tube using craft glue to create your butterfly's smile - allow adequate time to dry. Using the remaining pipe cleaner piece to create your butterfly's antennas. Bend in the shape of a V and affix to the inside top of the cardboard tube using white craft glue [or a small piece of tape]. If using craft glue - allow adequate time for drying.
Use craft glue to affix all four painted hand prints to the cardboard tube [see above picture of completed project] to create your butterfly's wings - allow adequate time for drying.

Handprint Chicks Kids Craft
  • Safety scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Yellow washable paint
  • Paint brush
  • 7" [small] Paper Plate Paint the entire front of the paper plate using the yellow washable paint - allow adequate time to dry.
  • Construction Paper [ 1 sheet of yellow construction paper 1 sheet of orange construction paper]. Trace your child's hands on the yellow construction paper [then cut out] to create wings for your chick. Cut 2 strips of paper [full length of paper - cut strips lengthwise] - "accordion fold" strips to use for your chicks legs.Cut out two small [2 inch] hearts using the remaining orange construction paper [to create feet for your chick] and (1) 1" triangle [ to create a beak for your chick].
  • Yellow Feather Affix to the top of the painted plate using craft glue - allow adequate time to dry.
  • Googly Eyes [2] Affix to the middle of the painted plate to create eyes for your chick.
Assemble your chick by affixing your yellow construction paper hand prints [one on each side] using craft glue, to create wings for your chick. affix the orange construction paper triangle to the center of the painted plate [just under eyes] to create a beak for your chick. Affix the accordion folded orange strips [side by side - bottom center ] to the plate using craft glue, to create your chicks legs. Use craft glue to affix the orange construction paper hearts to the bottom of your chicks legs to create feet.

Footprint & Fingerprint Bunny
  • Pink Washable Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Craft Glue
  • Safety Scissors
  • White construction / craft paper [2 pieces] Paint the bottom of your child's feet using the paint brush and pink paint and press onto paper. Allow adequate time to dry then cut out [leaving 1 inch of white space around the footprint] to create your bunny's ears. Using the second sheet of paper create your bunny's paws [4] and nose [ 1thumbprint ] using your child's fingerprints [dip thumb and index fingertips in pink paint]- see image above. Allow adequate time for drying - then cut out. Use remaining craft paper scraps to cut [4] 6" strips of paper - accordion fold to create your bunny's arms and legs
  • Stapler [you can substitute with tape] Staple [or tape] the two plates together at the top [see above image for reference]
  • Cotton balls [about 15 unrolled/pulled apart]
  • 7" [small] white paper plates [2] spread craft glue on the top paper plate - cover the plate entirely with cotton - allow adequate time for drying paint the center circle of the bottom plate pink - allow adequate time for drying. Spread craft glue on outer circle after the pink paint has dried and cover in cotton - allow adequate time for drying.
  • White Pipe cleaners [4] twist all four pipe cleaners together at the center and affix to the center of the top cotton covered paper plate using craft glue, to create your bunny's whiskers.
  • Googly Eyes [2] Glue both googly eyes just above your bunny's whiskers.
Assemble the remaining parts of your bunny with craft glue. Glue all four fingerprint paws [1 each] to the accordion folded arms and legs [see above image]. Glue legs to the bottom plate and the arms [ 1 to each side ] to the top plate. Glue your footprint ears to the top plate [see above image]. Your bunny is complete!

Fingerprint Chicks In A Nest Kids Craft
  • Craft glue
  • Safety scissors
  • Orange construction paper [1 sheet] Cut out 8 small triangles to create the beaks for your chicks.
  • White Construction Paper / Craft Paper[1 sheet]
  • [1]Roll of Paper Streamers in brown / natural color choice. Tear off [8] 6" strips of streamer. Roll/crunch and affix to white construction paper with craft glue [in a semi -circle] to create your nest.
  • Small Twigs from around the yard [ 6-8 3" twigs]. Use craft glue to affix small twigs on top of streamers to add dimension to your nest.
  • Blue and Yellow washable paint. Dip your child's thumb in blue & yellow washable paint and press to craft paper to create your chicks - allow adequate time to dry.
After your fingerprint chicks have dried use a black marker or crayon to draw your chicks eyes. Use craft glue to affix [1] orange construction paper triangle to the center of each chick [just below the eyes] to create your chicks' beaks.

Handprint & Fingerprint Lamb Spring Kids Craft
  • White craft paper [1 piece]
  • Paint brush
  • Craft glue
  • Safety Scissors
  • Cotton balls [6-8 unrolled/pulled apart]
  • Black construction paper [1 piece] Trace your  child's hand and cut out using safety scissors. Use craft glue to affix your child's hand print to the white craft paper. Use craft glue to create a circle [over top of the black hand print] and affix the cotton to your hand print/white craft paper  [to create your lambs wool] see above image.
  • Yellow, orange, pink, purple, green and blue washable craft paint. Have your child paint a sky and grass using the green and blue washable paint - allow adequate time to dry. When dry have your child use their fingertips to create fingerprint flowers [see above image].
  • Googly Eye [1] Affix your lambs eye using craft glue [see above image]