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Curious George Swings Into Spring #CuriousGeorgePBS + Fun Spring Kids Craft Tutorials & Free Printables

After a long winter {filled with plenty of snow and sledding} we are SO ready for Spring around here! Is your family feeling the same gratitude for the recent warmer temperatures as well? 

Celebrate the change of seasons with PBS Kids and Curious George on April 22nd! Curious George Swings Into Spring will premiere on PBS Kids, on Earth Day. This adorable 1 hour special follows George and Hundley as they embark on a Spring adventure of sorts, in the country. The Man In The Yellow Hat, George, and Hundley set off for the country after a Spring cleaning catastrophe leaves everyone in their city building misplaced.
Hundley is less than pleased with his accommodations and really isn't a big fan of Spring either. George feels quite the opposite.  He recently discovered [when his friends taught him all about Seasons] that he absolutely LOVES Spring and all of the fun that the season brings! George takes it upon himself to show and teach Hundley all about the splendors of the season [but not without some hilarious mishaps and silly antics along the way].

We had a fabulous time watching Curious George Swings Into Spring; the lively soundtrack is sure to get everyone out of their seats to dance! As with all of the episodes in the Curious George series on PBS, there are cues throughout the special that both entertain and educate.
Continue the Spring & Earth Day  fun with some outdoor crafting, gardening and recycling  projects with the kids! 

We did a seed starting project over the weekend that was tons of fun and is super simple. Each year, instead of using seed starting kits that you generally find at most gardening centers, we Upcycle our clear egg cartons to start our seeds. Not only does it save money, it teaches the kids the value of Upcycling and the importance of reusing/recycling our resources. 

This Upcycled Egg Carton Greenhouse Project is perfect for the kids to do in celebration of Earth Day! The only supplies required are an Upcycled clear plastic egg carton [to make your "Greenhouse"], 1 packet of seeds [we used Tomato seeds], 2 cups of potting soil, table spoon measuring spoon  [for separating potting soil into each compartment] and water.

After you have planted your seeds and watered them [lightly] close the lid on the container and place it in area that receives an adequate amount of sunlight. After your seeds have sprouted, they are easily transferred from the egg carton "greenhouse". Simply pinch the thin plastic bottom of each individual egg container to loosen the soil/release the plant, for easy transfer into a larger container or the garden.
PBS has also created some fun Spring activities and FREE printable coloring pages/activities that require simple supplies [most of which you will most likely already have around the house]. We had a blast doing the recycling challenge, making the pinwheel and creating the bottle bird feeder with the kids [all pictured above]

Our daughter really enjoyed creating the Upcycled bottle bird feeder [which only requires a chopstick, upcycled bottle, twine/crafting wire and sunflower seeds]! She decorated her finished masterpiece with drawings [we affixed the drawings with Modge Podge Hard Coat]. Then, she decided that the bird's needed a light on the bird feeder [for late night diners of course - because --and I quote -- "MOM THEY NEED TO BE ABLE TO SEE WHAT THEY'RE EATING IN THE DARK!"]. We finally landed on the idea of stringing some large glow in the dark beads on glow in the dark crafting wire [I later affixed them to the bottle bird feeder with my low-temp hot glue gun]. After everything was dry we used a funnel to fill it up with Sunflower seeds and voilà -- we have an adorable glow in the dark Upcycled bottle bird feeder! This is the perfect project to keep the kids busy on a rainy day [April showers, right?].

Our Thanks To PBS Kids For sending along a preview copy of Curious George Swings Into Spring and supplies to make these fun Spring Craft projects.
Ready for some Spring crafting fun? Print out your free Curious George Swings Into Spring Project Instructions, Activity Sheets & Coloring pages by visiting the links below :
Curious George Swings Into Spring Synopsis
You know it must be springtime if a curious monkey named George is dancing on the balcony at sunrise! The Man with the Yellow Hat is sure that George has spring fever, and he takes George to the park to experience all the wonders of spring. George is so excited about spring that he wants Hundley to have spring fever, too, but Hundley and the Doorman are busy trying to win the Mayor’s spring cleaning prize. When a broken water pipe floods the building, Hundley has to stay with George in the country, and George tries to make sure Hundley enjoys spring, too. 

Even blooming flowers, baby animals and a canoe ride can’t make Hundley love spring. What’s worse – Hundley gets lost in the country! Searching for his lost friend, George accidentally launches a hot air balloon rally and, piloting a balloon, sails over the countryside. Luckily George manages to grab Hundley from a hilltop along the way. Together they balloon triumphantly to the city. The Man with the Yellow Hat and the Doorman stage a daring rooftop rescue. Not only are George and Hundley saved, but they manage to win the coveted Spring Building Prize! Finally, to George’s delight, Hundley now has spring fever, too!

It's the perfect way to celebrate the new Season! Tune in to PBS on April 22, 2013 for the premiere of Curious George Swings Into Spring  [check your local listings] .

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