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Angel Planter Kids Craft Tutorial - Perfect For Gifting This Mother's Day!

We had such a fun time completing this Angel Planter over the weekend! Isn't it super cute? The planter was gifted to us and we couldn't wait to add a few special touches to it.   This adorable handmade Angel planter would be perfect for gifting this Mother's Day too!

What You Will Need + Instructions [Recommended Age: 7+] :
*Self Adhesive Velcro [3" strip]
*Small Sponge
*Black Sharpie Permanent Marker
*Paint Brush
*Cardboard or card stock  [1 piece - 8" x 10"]
*White Duck Tape
*Silver Pipe Cleaners [2]
*White Feathers [ About 30 - we found a pack of 50 at Walmart for $1.79 ] 
*Heavy Craft Glue
*Acrylic Paint [ivory for the Angel's face, pink for the cheeks, and color of choice for eyes] 
*Terracotta Planter [8" planter pictured]
*Plant of choice ["Mountain Pinks" are pictured in the completed planter above]

  • Paint your entire planter with the peach/nude acrylic paint. Allow adequate time for drying. Use a small sponge and pink acrylic paint to sponge paint your angels cheeks. Use the  black permanent Sharpie marker to draw the outline of your Angel's eyes  mouth. Use a permanent Sharpie marker in your choice of color, to fill in your Angel's eyes
  • Use the cardboard or card stock to create your Angel's wings [shape to preference - or refer to image above]
  • Cover both sides of the card stock/ cardboard with white Duck tape then trim down to shape [ creates a waterproof barrier]
  • Use heavy craft glue to affix white feathers to the front and back of your Angel's wings. Allow adequate time for drying.
  • Add one side of the 3" [self adhesive] strip of Velcro to the underside of the wings and the adjoining piece of Velcro to the planter to affix your Angels Wings [which makes them easily removable for watering purposes] 
  • Add your plant to your finished Angel Planter and use the two silver pipe cleaners to create your Angels halo [see above image for reference]
Happy Crafting!

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