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We're Having A Baby!

What is it about pregnancy tests? We take one - it turns positive - and we undoubtedly wind up taking several more - as if the first one ( or 3) weren't clear enough. It's been a while since I was last pregnant - almost 7 years to be exact.

I had a suspicion that we were expecting again, so naturally,  I took not just one - but a fist-full of pregnancy tests. Because that's what one does, right? Even though the first turned positive immediately (like IMMEDIATELY - the control line hadn't even activated yet and the positive line appeared dark and unmistakable ) I still repeated the process several times throughout the day. I was in complete disbelief.

Then, I did just what you might expect . I went back out to the store to buy a digital test. I don't recall if they had digital pregnancy tests when I was expecting my youngest however, I know for a fact that they didn't when I was expecting my oldest -I highly recommend them though!  As soon as the word "pregnant" came across the screen, I was {finally} sure that I wasn't seeing things! After a trip to the Midwife's office a few days later, we were assured that we are indeed expecting our third child (we are using a Midwife this time around - that's another post for another day though).

We're having another baby!  We are absolutely ecstatic and the kids are thrilled to welcome this new little one into our lives - my due date is 2/7/2014!

I haven't been plagued by morning sickness this time around, as I was with my first two pregnancies. I have only experienced "morning sickness" on one occasion (so far -- knock on wood!) and it was immediately after I took a prenatal vitamin. I started taking the prenatal vitamins at night instead of first thing in morning and it has seemingly done the trick - as I haven't been sick since (again - knock on wood!).

I feel so incredibly blessed to be experiencing this all over again,  this baby is definitely a very happy surprise!