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Hyperemesis Gravidarum - I've Been Down For The Count

In over 4 years of blogging, I have never stepped away from this blog for a long period of time - maybe a day or two here and there - but this past month? I was scarce. The culprit? Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

When I announced here back in June that I was expecting, I had also mentioned that I hadn't experienced any morning sickness. If only I knew what was lurking on the horizon! On 4th of July weekend, I gradually began to feel nothing short of horrible. I couldn't keep anything (not even water) down and I was throwing up several (upwards of 12 times at one point) a day. I brushed it off as the onset of good old fashioned morning sickness and tried to tough it out. I only lasted a few days though - before long I was so weak that I could barely stand up and I was shaking like a leaf, so I paid a visit to the E.R..

After blood work, an ultrasound and some other testing - they started me on some much needed IV therapy along with Zofran via IV.  They ultimately wound up  diagnosing me with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. For the past few weeks the only thing that has kept me semi functioning, is Zofran.

I say semi-functioning though for a reason. Though the Zofran has helped, it hasn't eliminated the vomiting or the weakness, it has just helped to manage it. It also hasn't helped me to gain any weight. Despite eating small meals and trying to keep as much bland food down as I can, I continue to lose weight. I have lost a total of 21 LBS. in 5 weeks --- seriously beyond scary!  My kids and husband are so used to a very active (caffeine supported) version of me that they look more and more freaked out by the day.

I have so much to share with you all, including some fun finds for the back to school season that I hope to get to soon. For now I'm trying not to overdo it - today I'm praying for relief from all of this sickness for our baby and myself.