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Tabtor Is Changing The Way That Children Learn Math! + $50 Visa Gift Card & Membership Giveaway

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School is back in full swing! Whether your kids struggle in math or they just need some extra help reinforcing the concepts that they are learning in school, Tabtor Math offers up an easy-to-use learning platform that we absolutely love! The Tabtor Math program is currently available for use on iPad devices and literally becomes a tutor for your child - right in the comfort of your own home. The Tabtor Math platform is also customized to meet every child where they are currently at in the learning process - by learning level or grade level (currently available for grades K-6) .

Our favorite part? Tabtor gives your child a second chance. When they miss an answer they are given the opportunity to go back and give it another shot - which is a great confidence booster for the K-6 crowd. As a parent I enjoy that after my child has completed a worksheet their results are available immediately. I also enjoy the feedback from the Tutor the next day after they have personally reviewed my child's work.

Tabtor Math is a wonderful companion tool to help ensure your child's success in Math this school year and beyond.

More About Tabtor
Tabtor Math offers an interactive learning experience with a dedicated instructor, instant feedback, engaging gaming aspect and a new way to master math concepts and strategies for problem solving. Parents, students and teachers across the globe are cheering for Tabtor Math based on the fantastic results the program has delivered.
“We are excited to announce the global launch of Tabtor Math, our new student learning platform on iPads,” said Raj Valli, Tabtor CEO. “Not only are we happy to make the program available to everyone across the globe, but we are also pleased to be able to offer parents a personalized, convenient, engaging and affordable math learning program for their children. Our obsession and focus on the Point of Learning for each student has enabled us with the ability to radically transform learning outcomes for millions of students across the globe”
Educational institutions are also getting in on the Tabtor action. This revolutionary iPad-based platform helps increase teacher efficiency, classroom productivity, reduces grading time and helps increase test scores, this reducing teacher frustration and providing a sense of fulfillment. The award winning Tabtor Math program currently has more than 500 active students in the US, with over 500,000 problems solved. Given the adoption of the new Singapore Math based Common Core State Standards (CCSS) across 45 states in the U.S from this year, the demand for a math program that develops a deeper understanding and strong foundation is at an all-time high.

“Tabtor is all about personalization. Tabtor’s Point of Learning Analytics provides teachers with a razor sharp precision in finding where a student is struggling, and then providing a customized learning pathway for every student,” said Balraj Suneja, CTO. “The platform can be scaled to millions of students and can be extended to any subject. The platform takes away menial and administrative tasks from a teacher and enhances student engagement with the game aspects of the program, thus getting fantastic reviews from schools that have begun implementing it.”

Tabtor Math prides itself on being tailored to the needs of every student. The use of digital-paper technology allows sharing of student work, grading, video tutorials and adaptive analytics. Students enrolled in the program across the US have shown between twenty and thirty-five percent performance improvement in math in just two months.

For additional information  and to check out Tabtor Math for yourself (they are currently offering a 2 week FREE trial) visit:

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