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Baby Boy - 24 weeks

If you're a regular reader you may remember the post that I wrote a few weeks ago. I went in for my 20 week ultrasound and was told that we were having a girl. The doctor didn't waiver in his proclamation that we were having a girl. He didn't give me a percentage or that he was "fairly sure" - he simply stated that it was a girl and pointed at the screen. So, as most mothers do after they learn the gender of their new little one on the way, I went on a girly shopping binge! We bought a pink bouncer, a pink patterned swing, pink blankets and a starter wardrobe of  girly frilly clothes. I had checked so many boxes off of our list of essentials and I was feeling mighty proud of myself! I was aiming for organized this time around - did I ever mention that my water broke with my son whilst I was attempting to help assemble baby gear - 1 day before my due date? Seriously folks, procrastination at it's finest!

At the same aforementioned appointment, we were also told that the amniotic fluid was a little low and that we needed to follow up - and follow up we did. We went for 2 ultrasounds after that appointment and went back in for a 3rd on Tuesday this week. The amniotic fluid still looked a little low at the previous 2, so they just wanted to keep an eye on it. This time around,  I decided to bring my daughter along to the appointment with me.

The room has a television on the wall where you can watch the ultrasound and my daughter was immediately fascinated by the images on the screen. She was so excited! She gasped and said "that's my little sister! WOW!" The tech turned to me and said, did someone tell you that you were having a girl?  Which was immediately followed by, "we'll go back and check on that after I'm done taking these images".

UM, WHAT? So, after checking on the fluid and after taking a look at the vessels in the umbilical cord, she went back to check. And there it was plain as day on the screen. I knew right away without her saying anything - it's a BOY! After confirmation from the doctor  I was told that I am in fact,  expecting a boy - a healthy baby boy.

Talk about an eventful day! So grateful that I brought my daughter with me or I quite possibly would have not found out until he was born. The poor little guy would have been showered in all things PINK! I didn't mention the gender at the previous two appointments and most likely wouldn't have said anything this time around either. We were there to check on the fluid - so obviously, that was the main focus. The doctor followed up by saying that it could have been the position of the baby when they called the gender. He also said that they should have said "fairly sure" at the previous appointment if there was any question.

Needless to say, we are feeling very blessed that he is healthy and the fluid levels are being labeled "adequate" at this point. We will continue to have to follow up to check the levels - but as of now everything looks good.

Now I'm off on an exchange spree, to swap out all of the pink for tons of blue! :)

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