One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: Pley Review: A Look At The New Monthly LEGO Rental Subscription Service #Love2Pley

Pley Review: A Look At The New Monthly LEGO Rental Subscription Service #Love2Pley

LEGO. What can I say? It's a way of life for our son (and many for that matter). He is completely enamored/awed/into it.  I could go on and on ... but you get the point, right? He's a big fan! 

We regularly purchase him new sets and his collection has expanded to be admittedly, impressive. With that said, once he builds the latest/greatest set, they generally wind up disassembled and mixed/jumbled in with all of his other LEGO pieces.  I have had fairly frequent conversations with him as of late that go something like "why don't we just buy you a big box of bricks, and you can create whatever you want, since everything winds up mixed up anyway?" This folks, is where the (one-sided) conversation ends. He just rolls his eyes. Because, clearly I don't get it as much as I think I do.

The challenge is in the build for most LEGO enthusiasts. They want to conquer the latest set and that means purchasing large sets at times, with detailed instructions and hours of building it up to picture-perfection. I get it.  But the cost. Holy cow! Did you know that some LEGO sets retail for as much as $400? Yep, it can get a bit pricey.

Now, there's a fun new way for LEGO fans to conquer their next building challenge without dropping a ton of cash; Pley

Pley, which is known as the "Netflix-for-LEGO," allows families to enjoy a constant stream of new LEGO sets, minus the huge investment.  Simply pick your subscription level. Three monthly levels are available and depend on the size of the sets you want to rent. Small sets are $15/month, medium sets are $25/month  and large sets are $39/month. We started with a $15/month small set subscription. 
Each LEGO set arrives in a zippered mesh bag (pictured) which also includes the original instruction booklets and decals (when applicable). Your first delivery also includes a "Brick Popper" (which is yours to keep) and a buildable Pley Bracelet (also yours to keep). You can keep the set as long as you would like, and when your finished building, simply break down the set with the Brick Popper, place everything back in the mesh bag, affix the prepaid shipping label to the box and drop it in the mail. Once Pley receives your return, they will ship you the next set in your Que. 

Our son was able to check out a CHIMA set this week via Pley, and he discovered that he really enjoys the challenge. He was hesitant in the past to try LEGO TECHNIC and LEGO CHIMA sets, so this was the perfect way for him to try out something new, without a large financial commitment.
Oh. and if your child loves the set and you prefer to keep it, you can purchase it from Pley at slightly under market value.

We absolutely love the concept of this monthly subscription rental service. Pley offers the perfect platform for LEGO enthusiasts to enjoy a constant stream of new building challenges without the huge financial investment. Looking for the perfect (unique) birthday gift for the kiddo's in your life? We think that a Pley subscription would make the perfect present! Think about it ... a year of LEGO fun; now that's a gift that keeps giving!

Things to consider:
  • Concerned about germs? No worries! Pley sanitizes each set after they are returned and the sanitation process that Pley uses kills 99.9% of  bacteria/germs.
  • Concerned about the kiddo's losing a brick or two? No need to be; there are no fees for normal loss.

For more on PLEY and to purchase a subscription visit them online at: 

*Disclosure: A subscription was provided for review purposes. All opinions expressed are our own.