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Fun Fall Bounty Paper Towel Tube Kids Crafts #TryThisAtLowes + $100 Lowes Gift Card Giveaway

I am going to be real here. My house isn't always spotless. I know. GASP!

Sometimes, the mess honestly makes my head spin! But most of the time, I'm OK with it. My kids are busy growing, learning and making memories. They are happy. So, it's all good. I just make sure to keep plenty of Bounty Basic paper towels and an arsenal of my favorite cleaning supplies from Lowes on hand, to clean it all up after they've been tucked into bed at night!

Once everything has been scrubbed clean and put away, I love to up-cycle/incorporate all of the empty paper towel tubes into fun craft projects for the kids. 

We  made a few fun messes recently while creating these {adorable} Fall  Paper Towel Tube Kids Crafts:

Recreate the beautiful Fall scenery with this fun kids craft! Use washable non-toxic brown paint to hand print/paint the branches (hand print) and tree trunk (forearm). Next, make fingerprint "leaves" on the hand print tree branches in various colors (red, orange, yellow, and green). Using a brush or fingers, create grass around the base of the tree. Next, cut a paper towel tube in half and pinch the center of the tube to form a heart shape with the tube, Dip the end of the tube in orange paint and stamp on the paper around the base of the tree to create your pumpkins. Fill in your pumpkins using a paintbrush or finger paint.
These adorable upcycled paper towel tube Hand Print Turkey Thanksgiving centerpieces are so easy to make! They are sure to stay put on your Thanksgiving table too with an easy to make weighted center. Simply cut your paper towel tube in half. Cover the tube in gold or brown duct tape. Cover the bottom of the tube with duct tape as well (leave the top open for the next step). Pour about a quarter cup of uncooked dry rice into the center of the tube. Cover the top of the tube with duct tape.

Next, trace the outside of your child's hand on yellow, red, orange and brown construction paper (3 hand prints in each color). Cut the hand prints out using safety scissors. Fan the hand prints out and glue them in alternating colors to your covered & weighted paper towel tube. Next, glue two googly eyes to your covered paper towel tube. Cut out a "gobbler" using excess red construction paper and a beak for your turkey out of the excess construction paper (in a color of your choice). Glue your gobbler and beak to your paper towel tube hand print turkey. Allow adequate time for glue to dry.

Happy Fall & Happy Crafting!

Ready for some more Fall DIY creative inspiration?  Head over to PopSugar to see DIY guru Brooke Peterson tackling more fun Fall DIY projects. I am definitely going to have to give her Fall welcome mat tutorial a try - seriously SUPER CUTE!

Feeling creative yet? What Fall project would you like to tackle this season? 

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