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How To Use LEGO Bricks As A Creative Learning Tool For Kids

LEGO is BIG in our home, folks. I MEAN ... BIG!

Our son is totally on-board and passionate about all things LEGO. So much so, that I am currently attempting to construct a cake topper out of LEGO Bricks, for his upcoming Birthday. Wish me luck you guys. I thought it would be simple. HA!

I can certainly say that I have a new-found respect for all of the intricate details that our son builds into his creations.   In my attempted construction of the aforementioned cake topper, I've discovered that it's far more difficult than it looks!

While building and creating is certainly a blast, we've discovered that learning with LEGO can be tons of fun too!  

Grab a box of LEGO bricks,  plus a few simple supplies from around the house, and try these fun Spelling, Math, and Science LEGO learning activities with the kids:

  • Spelling: Have the younger kiddo's try to spell out their name using bricks and a large base plate.
  • Math: Play counting games and solve simple addition and subtraction  problems with  LEGO Bricks (example. start with 6 bricks connected and add 4 more for simple addition practice or start with 4 bricks connected and take 1 away for simple addition practice etc. ). Sometimes using manipulatives, such as LEGO bricks, when teaching younger children can help to ensure long-term retention.
  • Science:  Hands-on experiment's are a blast for the kids! Learning through trial and error / hands-on activity, always is! Try out this fun science experiment using LEGO Bricks:

A big thank you to LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester for sharing this fun LEGO Science Experiment with our readers!