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Check Out The New Armadillo City Stroller by Mamas & Papas ( + Video Review )

You guy's, I have 3 kids. Honestly? It can get a little crazy around here. Not even going to lie about that! It's all good though, never a dull moment! 

Like most moms, anything that simplifies my daily routine {especially when it comes to getting out and about} is W E L C O M E D gleefully 

Though I [admittedly] have fallen in love with many of the strollers currently on the market (they all serve there own individual purpose, you know?)  I factually need a stroller that can; 
  • easily fold, 
  • easily be stowed away in my trunk (I have a pretty big SUV, you wouldn't think that would be an issue, right? WRONG. Strollers are BIG these days!)
  • easily maneuver when I'm out and about in the city, yet still handle well on simple walks around my neighborhood. 
  • Oh, and the compact design can, in no way, hamper the comfort of my little guy. 
Pretty tall order, right? Guess what?  It's all been neatly packed into the design of the fabulous new Armadillo City Stroller, by Mamas & Papas. Seriously, it's all there:
  • A super compact footprint - just 20" W x 37" L when open! It folds fairly flat too ( just 9" D when folded). {{Think about the possibilities! You won't take out all of the racks in the department stores! You can whiz in and out of foot traffic on busy city sidewalks! And the subway/bus? Both are a cinch to navigate with the Armadillo City!}}
  • The large Canopy 
  • The Sun Smart 50 UPF Fabric to protect baby from the sun.
  • The near-flat recline
  • The reinforced seat (that helps to eliminate sway while in motion) 
  • The five point safety harness
  • The ultra-luxe padded seat (check it out in the video below)
  • The spring-loaded simple break system (Hello, summer sandals - your tootsies are safe with this one!) 
  •  The simple one handed fold  [not to mention the fact that it remains free-standing while your folding it. AND it folds inward, protecting all of the area's that baby comes into contact with from street grime and unsavory surfaces!]
  • The included rain cover [it's super simple to put on too!]
  • The wrist tether to secure the stroller while navigating heavy foot traffic and traffic in urban area's. 
People, honestly? The list of fabulous features in the Armadillo City Stroller goes on...and on...and on! Check our our hands-on-video review below for more on this new gem of a stroller by Mamas & Papas.

The Armadillo City stroller is recommend from birth - 50 LBS. It currently retails for $269.99. You can find the Armadillo City at 
select retailers nationwide and online at :

*Disclosure: A media sample was provided for review purposes.

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