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Super Sprowtz: RAW - New Brooklyn Based Cooking Show Encourages Kids To Make Healthy Choices

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Have a picky eater in your home? Just looking to make healthier choices as a family? 

You'll definitely want to check out the fun new cooking show from Super Sprowtz; Super Sprowtz RAW! 
Super Sprowtz is teaching kids the importance of making healthy food choices and how different foods help to fuel our body (i.e. Colby Carrots super power is "Super Sight").  They are also helping children and their families put that new knowledge into action, by introducing healthy recipes in each episode of their new cooking series; Super Sprowtz: RAW.

I sat down to watch the first episode with my kids and they were definitely engaged, as was I! I love how difficult concepts and advanced vocabulary is broken down for young audience members. In my opinion, incorporating children into the farm/garden/store-to-table process is a crucial element in developing life-long healthy nutritional choices. 

In episode 1, Roger and the Super Sprowtz head to a farm (in Upstate New York) to gather the vegetables for their vegetable casserole. Zack Zucchini gives Roger some facts and tips on Zucchini picking, then Todd the Tomato calls Roger. Todd rattles off a long winded explanation on phytonutrients and Lycopene. Then Roger "chops it up into bite size pieces" for young viewers to better understand.  Simply stating -  Lycopene protects your stomach, "like a shield from germs".

Overall, Super Sprowtz: RAW is sending kids a valuable message, using a highly relatable platform.  The message? EAT YOUR SUPERPOWERS! Want to be "super-strong" well then, eat your (Brian) Broccoli! Want to be "Super Smart"?  (Erica) Eggplant is the way to go! 
We are loving the concept of Super Sprowtz: RAW. The episodes are the perfect length for young viewers too; the first episode is just over 9 minutes long. 

We can't wait to tune in next Thursday to catch the rest of the recipe for veggie casserole, with special celebrity guest, Chef  Sam Talbot!

Check out the first episode of Super Sprowtz RAW - "Into The Fridge" below.

More About Super Sprowtz:
Since 2011, Super Sprowtz has launched a number of initiatives encouraging kids to 
live healthier lives. In 2014, the interactive Super Sprowtz Live! tour hit the road, 
delivering fun and educational programs to kids in 26 US cities. Super Sprowtz 
developed “Superhero Salad Bars” were approved by the NYC DOE for installation in all 
1,300 NYC elementary schools, where they will reach over a million children. The 
program recently expanded to Puerto Rico and Dubai, and added twelve new celebrity 
ambassadors to the team. Educational products will soon be available in national 
retailers including Wegmans, Whole Foods, and Nordstrom. 

Super Sprowtz: RAW airs a new episode every Thursday. You can tune in at:

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Enter for your chance to WIN!
As a part of the launch of Super Sprowtz: RAW, Super Sprowtz is giving one lucky winner the chance to win a walk on role for you and one of your super hero kids! Here is what your amazing afternoon will look like:

Meet the cast! Come on down to the Super Sprowtz headquarters in Brooklyn, NY where you’ll be greeted by the full cast and maybe even a surprise guest!

Get ready for your close-up! You’ll be treated like a star as we get you into hair and makeup and ready for your cooking close up! And of course, we’ll have a mask and cape ready for your Super Hero Kiddo!

Hit the kitchen! Become our sous chef with our show host, Roger, and celebrity chef. Past chefs have included White House chef, Sam Kass, Bravo celebrity chef, Sam Talbot and Daily Show correspondent, Wyatt Cenac.

That’s a wrap! Close the day with the final meal - diving in to what you’ve cooked! We’ll set up a photo shoot in our kitchen and with one last squeeze from our Super Sprowtz family and you’ll have a day to remember!

How to enter:
1. Let’s see your kids’ best super hero pose while holding their favorite vegetable! Upload the photo to Instagram and/or Twitter.

2. Tag @SuperSprowtz and @Century21Stores and use hashtag #SuperSprowtzKid 
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