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DIY Fairy Lantern Lamp Tutorial

DIY Fairy Lantern Lamp Craft Tutorial
After I made a LEGO themed lamp for my son a few weeks ago my daughter felt left out, and she asked me if I could make her a lamp too. Her room is completely decked out in Disney Fairies at the moment (right down the Tinkerbell themed television). After thinking on it for a few days, I came across a lantern display at A.C. Moore I thought I would make something fairy themed to sit on her nightstand, to match her existing decor. 

Let me  start by saying this is super simple to make. It may look intimidating, but don't be fooled. It only took about a half an hour to make and all-in, it only costs about $25 to make!

Supply list & how to:

What you will need:
  • Craft Scissors (they have to be strong enough to cut through wire stem silk flowers)
  • Low-temp hot glue gun
  • Batteries for rice lights (refer to the packaging for quantity/type - ours took 3 AA's)
  • All-purpose glue sticks for hot glue gun (we used 3)
  • Battery operated rice lights with timer- we found ours at A.C. Moore (they are orig. $9.99 - we used a 55% off printable coupon from their website - so they wound up costing around $4.50).
  • Fairy figurine - you could easily use a Disney Fairy figurine however, we used a fairy figurine that we also found at A.C. Moore - it was on sale for $5.
  • Lantern with see through glass panels. We found ours at A.C. Moore for $7.99 (on sale)
  • Moss - we found a multi-pack of moss at A.C. Moore for $3.99 which included 3 different types/colors of moss.
  • Silk/fake flowers of your choosing. We found ours at A.C. Moore for .99 cents a stem.
  • Silk butterfly for use on outside of lantern (optional) we found the one pictured at A.C. Moore for $1.
  • Thin green floral foam round. We found ours at A.C. Moore in the craft section for $1.

DIY Fairy Lantern Lamp Tutorial One Savvy Mom

How to:
  • Cut your floral round to fit the bottom of your lantern. 
  • Use a large dab of hot glue to affix the fairy figurine to the bottom of the floral round.
  • Use scissors to cut your silk flowers to the desired size. Stick the flowers into the flower round. For added security use dabs of hot glue around the base of the stems.
  • Use your moss and hot glue to completely cover top of the floral round. Work moss in/around the flowers and fairy figurine. Once complete set aside.
  • String your lights into the top of the lantern. Rice lights have metal wiring that can be easily taped / secured with a dab of hot glue. (Note: do NOT use hot glue on the wiring of lights - unless it is metal wiring like ours!). Leave half of the string of lights dangling down. 
  • Next, carefully place/position your completed floral round with fairy figurine inside the lantern.
  • Wrap the remaining half of the strand of lights around the base of the floral round. Use a small amount of loose moss to cover any visible wiring. 
  • Last, tuck the battery pack into the back of the lantern - or under the lantern. Our lantern has a hollow space in the bottom where we secured it with Velcro.
This adorable DIY Fairy lantern lamp now sits on my daughter's nightstand. It lets off a beautiful glow at night, and the cut-outs in the top of the lantern project a pretty pattern of light on her wall. I love the timer function; the lights stay on for 8 hours at night and it automatically shuts off (for 16 hrs).

She absolutely LOVE'S it! This super simple project was a total WIN!

This would also make a great DIY gift!

Happy Crafting!

Please Note: you should ONLY use LED rice lights for this project - they are low energy/micro bulbs that don't produce heat. Using any other type of light strand may present a fire hazard