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A Season Of Change & Growth

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Gerber. The opinions and text are all mine.
The Summer was quite a season for my family.
We did just as we planned, and kept it simple. We took 4 short trips in all, and each only took us away from home for a night or two at a time. The remainder of the summer was spent at the pool, and at various parks in our area.
Parents, never underestimate the magic of a few undivided hours at the park, with a picnic lunch. My kids love it! We also took the kids out for miniature golfing a few times, went to the movies, and just spent loads of quality time together.

It's funny; when you slow down, you tend to see everything through a different lens. The slower pace has a tendency to bring everything into focus.

I swear, I blinked, and my oldest two grew 3 inches. How did that happen so fast?

I find myself wishing for time to stand still for awhile with my youngest. I don't recall things feeling so light-speed fast when my older children were younger. Perhaps it's because there were two of them and they were very close in age. I was likely in a fog of sleep deprivation, and I hadn't quite seen my way through to the other side. My perspective is different this time around though. 

Over the course of the summer, I noticed a pattern with my youngest. He has a two-part approach to most everything. Very short-lived trepidation gives way to full on immersion and love within mere minutes. My older two were slower to adjust in new situations, so it has been an amazing thing to watch.
He wants to be just like his older brother and sister. He sees them do something, and he follows right behind them to master it as well.

New faces, new places. He was ready for it all this summer!

Not so sure about the Hershey Chocolate Bar at Hershey Park. But he was ready to ride the train!

He was mesmerized by the pool. He dipped his toes in first, and stayed close for a few minutes....

But he quickly let go, and was off to conquer yet another new setting. Daily visits to the pool, turned out to be his favorite summer activity!

Ice cream is a summer staple! He wasn't too sure about the stuff at first; but he became a quick fan!

The beach. This was a bit harder for him to get used to. It was a challenge; I'm not even going to lie about that. But with some gentle persistence, he seemed to adjust.

Think about the sensory overload that little one's experience during their first visit to the beach. Dry hot sand, wet squishy sand, salt water smells, the sounds and sights of the rushing waves, the vast, seemingly endless, amounts of water.... I could go on and on. I got it. It was a tall order for a baby.  He gave it a try though. I think that next year when he's a bit older, it will be a bit hit.
This little guy of ours grew by leaps and bounds this season!
Another huge change that took place this summer? Our little guy made the transition to solid foods. It took some time and persistance on our part, and a little help from Gerber 3rd Foods Lil Bits, but he's now eating many of the same foods that we eat at each meal.

The flavor combinations offered are delicious! His favorite is Sweet Potato, Apple, Carrot & Cinnamon, and I agree! It tastes like Thanksgiving, and who wouldn't like that? YUM! These 3rd Foods with Lil' Bits aren't only delicious, they have also helped him learn to chew.

As a mom, I love that the soft "Lil' Bits" of fruit and veggies allowed him to gradually master chewing. Gerber 3rd Foods with Lil' Bits made the transition to table food so much easier on us all.


The air is beginning to change in our neck of the woods now, and the leaves are beginning to fall. I think the season is going to be a hit with him; he loves picking up the falling leaves in the backyard!

This season has been an amazing season of growth and change for us. I can't wait to see what this next season holds for him, and our family.
Gerber 3rd Foods Lil Bits Recipes help babies learn to chew and ease the transition to table food.
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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Gerber. The opinions and text are all mine.