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How To Shrink Your Energy Bills This Winter + Giveaway

A chill is in the air and the forecast is showing a steady trend of cooler temperatures for the next week, in our neck of the woods. Instead bristling about the rising energy costs this winter, we're gearing up for all of the fun that the season has to offer.

Are you bracing yourself for the hefty heating bills this winter? Don't! Instead, make some of these quick and simple updates to your home, and enjoy the season with your family.

When it comes to heating your home efficiently, without breaking the bank, it's all about being proactive!
  • Don't just let that small draft under your front door go. If heat is escaping through tiny cracks and crevices,  it could wind up costing you dearly this winter. Purchasing a simple door drop to create a tight seal at the bottom of your entryway(s) is a simple solution to this problem. Door drops (also typically referred to as a door sweep) can cost as little as $2-$3 (and up). You can save big this winter by making this small investment / simple update, now.
  • Drafty windows? First, make sure that your windows are securely closed at the top and bottom. If you still feel a draft around the frame,  use sponge rubber foam tape/weather seal to fill any gaps. You can also use indoor window insulator kits to create a tight seal and prevent heat from escaping.
  • Consider swapping out your old thermostat for a Nest Learning Thermostat. It's a great investment, and many energy companies even offer a rebate when you make the switch. Nest just introduced a 3rd generation model, and we're loving everything about it. This model offers a thinner and sleeker design than previous models, with a big bright beautiful display that can easily be read from across the room. And talk about smart! By downloading the free Nest app in the GooglePlay store (also available on iTunes), I can easily manage my home's temperature from my phone. You can either choose to set your thermostat to accommodate your schedule and preferences OR you can simply use the thermostat and within a week, the Nest learning thermostat will start programming itself based on your habits. Heading out for the day, or taking a trip? Simply press the Nest to "Away" mode and it will automatically switch to an energy efficient temperature. And no worries about coming home to an uncomfortable temperature, simply adjust the temperature from your phone using the app when you're on your way back! Genius, right? Nest also provides alerts for your peace of mind. I told you it was "smart!" The Nest monitors your heating/cooling equipment, and lets you know if anything is not working correctly. It will also send you an alert if your home's temperature goes above or below the limits that you've set. Pretty great right? In an independent study households using the Nest Learning Thermostat saved an average of 10%-12% on their heating and 15% on their cooling, annually. Think of all the money you can save!
What makes the experience with the Nest learning thermostat even better? The Netgear® Nighthawk™ DST Router and DST Adapter with Geek Squad included (new and exclusively at Best Buy)! This amazing new router easily allows you to connect up to 10 devices to your home's Wi-Fi network (you can prioritize the devices), without losing speed/stressing your connection. When you have multiple devices, including important devices such as a Nest thermostat connected to your home's Wi-Fi, you definitely want to ensure that all-is-well with your connection at all times, and this is definitely the router for the job! And if you do have a problem, help is just a phone call or click away, with 24/7 Geek Squad service via phone or online. This is a great value, and is included with your purchase!

Here's to a fun-filled winter spent with friends and family  - minus all of the pesky stress associated with rising energy bills! 

You can find the 3rd Generation Nest Learning Thermostat  and the The Netgear® Nighthawk™ DST Router and DST Adapter with Geek Squad included at Best Buy retail locations nationwide and online at

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