One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: Easy Valentine's Day Pompom Wreath Tutorial - Super Cute DIY Holiday Decor + Just $8 To Make!

Easy Valentine's Day Pompom Wreath Tutorial - Super Cute DIY Holiday Decor + Just $8 To Make!

Looking for an easy Valentine's Day Craft / DIY Décor idea? This is it!
This simple Valentine's Day Wreath is easy to put together, super cute, and it's a fairly frugal craft too (it cost us just $8 for the supplies for this craft). If your kiddo's are a little older, they can help with this craft too!  Our daughter is getting a little older now and she is able to wield a low-temp hot glue gun, with some supervision.

With a ton of snow on the ground, we were looking for fun things to busy ourselves with inside, and this was the perfect craft. While you may think that it was tedious to glue all of these pom-poms to the wreath form, it was really very simple. It took us about an hour from start to finish, and we love how it turned out! It's a super cute piece of DIY Valentine's Day décor, that I'm sure we'll use for years to come.
What you'll need:
  • 1 8" foam wreath form (can be found at most craft stores and some dollar stores)
  • Pompoms in a Valentine's Day colors (we used 1" red, white, dark pink, and light pink for the wreath pictured). NOTE: depending on the size of your wreath form and the size of the pompoms, it will require a varying amount of pompoms to cover your wreath form. We used fairly small pompoms (as they were all that we could find locally). We used a fair amount of pompoms to cover the front of our wreath and left a small portion uncovered in the back. Leaving the area bare in the back allows the wreath to sit flush with the door that we hung it on.
  • Felt (optional) to cover the area that isn't covered with pompoms on the back of the wreath 
  • Scissors (optional) to cut the felt / cover the unfinished area on the back of your wreath
  • Low-temp hot glue gun
  • Low-temp hot glue sticks
  • Floral wire (to create a hanger for your wreath)
  • Ribbon in a holiday themed pattern/color (optional) to create a bow for your wreath

How to:

Use small dots of low-temp hot glue to affix the pompoms to your wreath form.

We left an area in the back of our wreath form bare, to allow it to sit flush with the surface when it was hung.

We used hot glue and felt to cover the foam / finish the back of the wreath / bare area on our wreath form.

Add a wire hanger / loop for hanging to the back of your wreath form and a festive bow, to complete your Valentine's Day Pompom wreath.

Hang your completed Valentine's Day pompom wreath and enjoy.

Happy crafting & Happy Valentine's Day everyone!