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How To Make A Safe DIY Dog Collar Bandana + Prize Pack Giveaway #DreamDogPark

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Beneful. All opinions are 100% mine.

I can still remember the day that our dog joined the family, like it was yesterday. It's been 5 years since that day and she has truly become a member of the family.

Bella is a bichon toy poodle mix, and she's probably the most strong-willed determined little ball of fluff you'll ever come across. She fits in perfectly around here!

While I knew that having a pet would be a wonderful opportunity for our family, I've really started to see how beneficial it has been for the kids. Especially as my older children grow and take on more of the responsibility for her care.

While we walk Bella several times a day throughout our neighborhood, we've also been heading out to our local dog park once a week so she can socialize with other animals. It's a wonderful thing to see her playfully interacting with other dogs. She plays and gets some energy out, and we get some much needed exercise too. We've definitely noticed a big change in her demeanor since we started taking her for weekly visits.  Overall, she seems happier after making a few new furry friends, and she always enjoys refueling after a fun day out with Beneful IncrediBites.

The kids love to make sure that she's brushed well and looking her best when we head to the local dog park.  We even made her a few {safe} DIY Dog Collar Bandana's in different colors, to add to her cuteness. I say "safe" because simply tying a bandana around a dogs neck can present a safety hazard. They can get caught on something and it can become dangerous for your pet. The DIY Dog Collar Bandanas that we made simply slide onto your dog's existing collar securely.

Read on for our simply tutorial on how to make a safe DIY Dog Collar Bandana for your pup ( it only costs $1 to make 4!} + Enter a fun giveaway from Beneful.

How to make a safe DIY Dog Collar Bandana
What you'll need:
  • sewing needle
  • thread
  • scissors
  • white washable colored pencil or white washable crayon 
  • standard bandana (found at most craft stores for about $1 ea.)
  • your dogs existing collar
How to:

Start by folding your bandana at one corner into the shape of a triangle. Place your dogs existing collar into the fold as a guide as to how big you need to sew the "pocket" or "sleeve" that the collar will slide through. Mark with a white pencil on the inside of the bandana (the side that won't show). Refer to image above.

Using your marked pencil/crayon line as a guide sew a simple line of stitching from one side to the other to create a "pocket" or "sleeve" for your dog collar to slide through.

Finish stitching off. Cut corners on either end, leaving a straight edges on either end of the "sleeve" or "pocket" (refer to image above). If necessary, trim any excess off the bandana.

Slide your dog collar through the sewn "pocket" or "sleeve" making sure to leave the loop for the leash / dog tags / clip visible on either end. Place the collar with bandana bag on your pup.

Now, head to the local dog park and enjoy the cuteness!

Do you have a local dog park? Would you like to see improvements to the space for your community? Perhaps you don't have a dog park in your area and you'd love to see one constructed in your community? Well, have you heard of the Beneful Dream Dog Park Project ?

This amazing initiative in partnership with GoFundMe, helps further Beneful's mission of celebrating the joyful life dogs and owners share together by supporting dog park improvement and construction projects across the U.S. Since 2010, Beneful has helped bring dog park dreams to life in more than a dozen communities. Through this accomplishment they've seen the ripple of positive effects that dog parks have on both dogs and owners, firsthand.

In 2016, Beneful will support at least 12 dog park projects in the U.S. by improving existing parks and helping get new projects off the ground through a mix of financial support, hands-on volunteerism and shared dog park expertise.

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