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How To Turn Old Or Inexpensive Frames Into DIY instax® Photo Displays

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hi friends, how have you been? We're still patiently awaiting the arrival of baby #4 in our home.  It's becoming slightly more difficult to get around these days so, we've really just been enjoying some slow-paced uninterrupted time with the kids in the sunshine. 

Last week, I shared some exciting news on the grand opening of the new Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop in the Flatiron District. This quaint creative space is a photo enthusiasts' paradise. There's inspiration to be found in every nook, in the Wonder Photo Shop. Whether you stop in to snap a few shots in the photo booth, sit and unlock your digital images from memory cards, or transform your photos into something fabulous to gift or display in your own home - your bound to be inspired.

While being 9 months pregnant thwarted my plans for spending an entire afternoon in-store - I did leave with an idea or two that I could safely craft up at home. You know, from a seated position with my feet up. I've had a pile of old frames sitting in a storage bin for about 10 years, so I decided that this week was the week to transform them into DIY Photo Displays for my instax® snaps. 

I absolutely love how they turned out; and my favorite part?  I was able to transform 4 of my old frames into DIY instax photo displays, for about $5 total. I also love that I can easily add/change out photos on these photo displays whenever I want. I hung them in a cluster above my desk where I can easily view some of my favorite memories, in photographs. 

This is such a super simple, super cute {not to mention inexpensive} project. Read on for my tutorial and step-by-step imagery on how to turn old or inexpensive frames into DIY instax photo displays.

What you'll need:
  • Paint brush
  • Multi-surface paint in a color of your choosing
  • Low-temp hot glue gun
  • Low-temp hot glue sticks
  • Thin braided rope or twine
  • Scissors
  • Mini-clothespins (these come in a variety of colors / stains - you can find them at most craft stores for about $1 a pack)
  • Old or inexpensive frames. I had a few old frames on hand though you can easily find inexpensive ones at dollar stores / discount stores in your area.
  • Optional: Embellishments for your photo displays. I grabbed a few burlap flowers for $1 to add to my photo displays however, you could easily make your own or craft up some felt flowers.
How to:

Start by removing the backing and glass from your frames. Discard of the backing and glass carefully. If your frames have prongs to hold the backing/glass in place, safely remove them or bend them back so they're flush with the frame. Paint your frames. I used two coats to cover my frames (front and back). Allow adequate time for drying in-between coats.

Once dry, turn your frames face down. Measure and cut 3-4 pieces of twine or braided rope that are fit to the the inner length or width of your frames (depending on how you'd like to hang them). Place a generous dot of hot glue on the inner ridge of the frame (where the glass used to sit) on both sides. (refer to image above). Hold in place until hot glue has dried. Add a small dot of hot glue on top of your already secured rope/twine for added security. Repeat this step until you have secured all of your twine/braided rope to each frame. Optional: secure any desired embellishments to your DIY photo displays (I used small burlap flower embellishments on the pictured displays.)

Once complete, add your favorite instax®  snaps to your new DIY instax® photo displays using mini-clothespins.

Hang your photo displays in your home or office in a desired location, and enjoy!

If you're a photo enthusiast / memory collector like me, make sure to stop by the Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop in NYC, where creative inspiration abounds.

For more information and up-to-the-minute updates / in-store happenings at the new Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop in NYC, follow  Wonder Photo Shop NYC on Facebook.

Happy crafting everyone!

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