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Letting Go: How To Give Your Child More Independence And Keep Them Safe

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wearsafe. All opinions are 100% mine.

Motherhood is an ever-changing landscape.  Children need us to be available in such vastly different ways as they grow, and as parents, our role evolves almost daily.  It's a wheel of change that's in constant motion, my friends.

While motherhood is ever-changing, there is one thing that remains steadfast in this parenting journey; the innate desire to protect and keep our kids safe. Honestly, it's a far easier task when they're little, isn't it? We can hold their hands tightly in our grasp, and keep a watchful eye. But with each passing birthday, as they crave more and more independence, they seem to let go just a bit more. So how do we strike a balance and allow them some much-wanted freedom, while still keeping them safe?

Read on for more on what we're doing in our home to confidently loosen the reigns a bit, while still making sure that our children stay safe.

Honestly, letting go is hard. Trusting that they'll be OK when I'm not standing close by, is hard. My children will always be my babies, no matter how old they get. The entire goal of parenting though is to raise independent free-thinking productive individuals, so let go, we must.

While I'm not quiet ready to drop my older kids off at college {though I'm sure that day will come faster than I'm prepared for}, I am loosening my grasp and allowing them more room to grow into themselves. Whether I'm dropping them off to catch a movie with friends or at sports practice, I still want to know that they're safe. Scratch that. I need to know that they're safe.

So how do I do that when they're not in my line of sight?  With the Wearsafe Tag.

When they've outgrown the protection of your loving hand and watchful eye, this tiny discreet device will have their back. The Tag comes with two interchangeable attachments; easily (and discreetly) wear it on a  bracelet (as pictured above on my daughter) or your key ring. You can also clip it to your pants or shirt - your choice.

So how does the Tag button work, and what does the service offer? Features include:
  • On-scene audio: your trusted circle can hear what’s happening as it happens—no need to guess what’s wrong.
  • Wearsafe rewind: captures what led up to the situation with audio from 60 seconds before you pressed the Tag
  • Group chat: the Wearsafe App becomes a virtual situation room where your friends can coordinate their response.
  • Easier to activate: if you’re hurt or in danger, you can’t count on being able to find, unlock and dial your phone to call for help.
  • Real-time feedback: Wearsafe lets you know when help is coming by silently vibrating each time someone gets your alert.
  • 200-foot range: send an alert from up to 200 feet away from your smart phone.
  • One-touch 911: friends and family can take immediate action by calling 911 right from the app, if needed.
  • Sends location only when pressed: your GPS Coordinates are private and only shared when you press the Tag.

No need for you to wring your hands until they return safely; be proactive.

The best part? Obviously, the best part is ultimately the piece of mind you'll have in knowing that your kids can access help - whenever and wherever they need it. But the next-best part is that this service is so accessible for everyone - because the device itself is free,  Yes, you read that right. Free Tag device, free shipping, and free (30 day) trial. After the free trial is up, service is just $5 a month, with no commitment. Setup is simple, and the Wearsafe app is incredibly user-friendly too.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it free , and give yourself a little piece of mind in knowing that they're safe - even when you can't be there to hold their hand every step of the way.
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