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Postpartum Fashion + Personal Care Essentials

Postpartum: that in-between phase where nothing seems to fit. Having had four children now, I know this phase well. 

Your maternity clothing is too large and your pre-pregnancy clothing is still out of the question. Not to mention - what's going on with your hair and skin? What's a girl to do? While postpartum body changes, hair-loss and skin changes are normal, they're certainly no fun. Plus, there are some fab fashions and beauty remedies on the market - so no need to suffer through, moms! 

Read on for my top postpartum fashion and personal care essentials picks, for Fall.

My absolute favorite postpartum fashion pick? The tunic. Tunics always rank high on my list of fashion essentials, and they're perfect for the postpartum phase, after pregnancy. They're loose, long and forgiving! Tunics always pair nicely with leggings, and I found some fab mid-rise leggings recently that offer up a bit of extra control in the tummy region.  They're amazing!

Ready for my entire list of postpartum essentials? (as pictured above):
  1. Relaxed Tunic Tee 
  2. Relaxed Tulip Tunic Tee 
  3. Softspun Knit V-neck Tunic  
  4. Mid-rise Long Leggings with Built-In Sculpt Ponte 
  5. Perfect Pima V-Neck Tunic 
  6. Truth VitalityAdvanced Complex with Copper Peptides : Dealing with postpartum hair loss? No worries, it's completely normal. This easy to apply serum can help grow the thinning areas back more quickly / and fuller.
  7. Boppy Bloom Skincare: I used this skincare line throughout my pregnancy, to help prevent stretchmarks. I'm still using the whipped body butter; it smells amazing! The line also includes a soothing breast balm for use/relief during the postpartum weeks.
  8. Gold Bond Rough & Bumpy Skin Treatment: If you're suffering from rough and bumpy dry skin during the postpartum phase as many do, this new treatment from Gold Bond is amazing. I've seen a huge difference in my skin, after just a few uses.
  9. Fitbit Surge Fittness Watch : While caring for a newborn, you can often feel like you just ran a marathon! Though most of the time the fatigue is more often caused by the lack of sleep during those early months - rather than actual exercise. Though you may be tired, it's still important to find time to fit in some exercise / movement throughout the day. The Fitbit Surge is the perfect way to track how much you've moved throughout the day - it boasts a large display screen - so no need to drag out your device - a quick glance at the watch will tell you everything that you need to know (and the time!)
  10. Bead & Metal Cuff Bracelet: I love to accessorize with large chunky bracelets or stacking bracelets. Necklaces and dangling earrings are generally out of the question most days, when I'm caring for my toddler and newborn. They can grab /rip at them which makes them more of a hazard than an accessory most days!

What are your postpartum fashion and personal care essentials? I'd love it if you'd share - tag me on Twitter @one_savvymom !