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Moms Cold + Flu Season Must Haves

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of TempTraq. All opinions are 100% mine.

Moms, it's here. Whether we're ready or not, cold and flu season has arrived. Along with the cool crisp temperatures, Fall also ushers in the dreaded season of germ sharing. Don't get caught off-guard with a house full of sick kids, without the essentials on hand. Just don't!

We were the first family in our pediatricians' office to receive flu shots this season. I thought we were safe. I gave myself a mental high-five for being so proactive!  Boy, was I being naive. Friends, we're barely ankle deep into Fall, and my kids have already been there and done that! A few weeks ago, it started with my toddler, and before I knew it, my entire crew had it. The shot doesn't protect from all strains of flu - and my kids managed to pick up one of those unprotected strains. Long story short - it was bad. B A D!

I won't lie, there's nothing that stifles the craziness that occurs when you're simultaneously tending to four sick kids. But  having a few key essentials at-the-ready, certainly makes tackling this Herculean task, a bit easier.

Read on for a full list of cold + flu season essentials every mom should have on-hand.  If you have multiple children that you are tending to {or even just one}, there's one thing in particular, that you don't want to be without this season! 

Right before my kids got sick - I was sent a TempTraq 24 hour temperature monitoring patch for review. The timing couldn't have been any better.  I was intrigued by the potential capability to monitor fevers from my phone, without the need to constantly disturb them from their sleep with a conventional thermometer. Any mom knows, waking a cranky sick child, is like poking a bear!

When my toddler presented sick, it was around the time when we normally start his bedtime routine. I decided to bath him, give him some pain reliever / fever reducer,  and apply the TempTraq patch before I put him to sleep.  His routine remained the same, and I didn't have to keep bothering him to make sure that his temperature was under control. The Temp Traq patch and app did all of that for me.

While he did wind up waking up a few times during the night, due to the general discomfort of being sick. I didn't have to wake him up repeatedly to check his temperature, which was great!

When my other children came down with the same symptoms shortly after my toddler, my only wish was that I had more TempTraq patches on-hand. With the ability to keep track of multiple  temps from the app, all at once, it's a moms best friend when dealing with multiple sick children!

TempTraq is the only wearable Bluetooth temperature monitor currently on the market, that continuously monitors body temperature. The patch is soft and comfortable to wear,  and is free of natural latex rubber. The TempTraq temperature monitoring patch senses, records and transmits temperature data {for up to 24 hours per patch} to either an Apple or Android compatible mobile device through the free TempTraq app. The app measures and displays temperatures with easy-to-follow color coding that indicate your child's temperature levels. For added convenience, you can also email temperature data from the app to health care professionals / family members. In addition, the app also offers the capability to log when your child eats, drinks, or takes medicine.

I just ordered more TempTraq 24 hour patches, as I don't want to get caught this season with more than one sick child, without them.  I'm so glad to have made it through this first rough encounter with the germs! Crossing my fingers {and toes} that we can make it through the holidays without any more bouts of illness. Just in case, I've stocked up on  cold + flu season essentials, so that I'm not caught off-guard again!

Ready to gear up for cold + flu season? Make sure to stock up on the following items, so you're prepared. No matter what the season throws at you!

Moms Cold + Flu Season Essentials
  • TempTraq 24 hour Temperature Monitor patches
  • Pain reliever / fever reducer
  • Cold / cough syrup  - or a natural alternative for children under the recommended age group.
  • Natural cough drops formulated/safe for children
  • Bulb syringe (great for clearing stuffy noses for children under 3 yrs.)
  • Saline drops or spray (great for clearing stuffy noses)
  • Vitamin C or Vitamin C gummies formulated for children under 3 yrs.
  • Chicken noodle soup 
  • Saltines
  • Ginger ale
  • Decaffeinated tea
  • Natural honey (great for soothing sore throats when you add a teaspoon or two to a cup of warm water or a hot cup of decaffeinated tea)
  • Epson salts - great to add to a warm bath for aching muscles / joints.
  • Heating pad (electric or microwaveable)
  • Cool mist humidifier 
  • Sticker books, coloring books, washable crayons and other quiet activities to keep the kids occupied from a resting position while they're sick.
TempTraq {MSRP is $19.99} is currently available at Target, CVS and Walgreens stores nationwide. You can also Buy TempTraq Now at 
What are your must-have essentials to have on-hand for the kids, during cold and flu season? I'd love it if you'd share in a comment below!
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